Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Kitchen Effects

Hello every one!

Firstly welcome to my new followers and thank you for taking the time to have a look.

I had a few ideas about how I would show you detailed photos of my Kitchen and I hadn't quite got around to taking the next lot which as you all know can some times be time consuming if you are fiddling around with lenses and lighting. Whilst sitting in the evening, not doing much else than watching the TV  because I had no daylight to take photos I decided to experiment with my iphone. How would the kitchen come up if I used this nifty device instead? Well I must say, it did an okay job, it was much easier to take pictures because I could fit it inside the DH which defiantly has its advantages.

The iphone took good accurate pictures but they didn't have the usual atmosphere I like to achieve so I used the instagram app I have on my phone to give them a bit more character. I think the final result is a bit of fun! It probably doesn't do the finer details much justice, so some of the lovely things like Carrie's plates from A lavender dilly I have hanging on the walls and shelves really look much prettier in RL so in another post I will show them in better detail. The basket I have mentioned before is by Liddy from Basket case miniatures and the paintings I did my self although I must say they didn't come up well in the photo so there is another future post. The Geraniums I have shown in a previous post and mentioned that the lady who makes them does not have a website but I believe she will have a display at the Sydney Doll House Fair. Mia and I made most of the food except the ham which was one of our first purchases made at a local DH fair. It was a must have considering we both adore The Tale Of Two Bad Mice, and the scene where Hunca Munca tries to cut the ham with no luck. Every thing else was either made by me or purchased from my favourite Doll house shop ( sadly the only one in Melbourne) The Dollhouse including the Kitchen dresser already assembled with the items attached, Mia was fortunate enough to received this as a gift from a family member. It hasn't come up all that well in with the effects but will do in the future posts.

For now I will leave it there, my apologies in advance if I don't get to reply to your comments immediately but I will be out of action for the next few days. So until then, happy minis every one!!

ML Fi xxx


  1. The photographs show bags of character. It looks like you're peeking into another century with those lovely sepia tones. I think they look great

  2. Hi Fiona!

    The kitchen is lovely, but in these photographs details are not well appreciated as in singers you have in it. I hope to soon put others where everything becomes sharper way. It is all very nice!

    A big hug and congratulations!

  3. Fi, this looks exactly like a real working kitchen, right down to the kettle on the AGA burner. Wow.

  4. Ha una bella atmosfera questa cucina, bella come la padrona di casa, dopotutto.

  5. Hi Fi It looks great!! Feels 'real'. I love it. Ahh if only we could shrink ourselves and put on the jug. !!Carrie

  6. Fiona, I totally agree with Peppers comment, the sepia tones are great and the pictures "show bags of character" like she said ;)
    I'll keep in touch with you, dear ;)!
    Warmest hugs, Ilona

  7. Fiona,
    I love the lived in feeling of the kitchen. The transferware plates are amazing!
    Thanks for sharing it.

  8. The photos give it a great vintage look!

  9. Hi Fi,
    Spectacular pictures! It looks liek the rooms are bathed in morning sunlight. I honestly don't think most people could find a clue that this is a dh and not real life...I knoe I didn't. You and Mia have done some excellent work and have made the perfect choices. You certainly are an immensly talented miniature duo.
    Big hug,

  10. Incredible photos, I like them. I would neve rhave thought you took them with an iphone.

  11. Great pics, especially the ones taken through the windows. Your kitchen is very lifelike.

  12. Wow Fi! You took these with your iPhone? Seriously, I would have never guessed it! I think they're fantastic and do show so much character and really have a warm feel to them! God love iPhones, I don't think we give the cameras in these devices enough credit... With the apps combined you've captured your gorgeous house perfectly. Pure genius! I'm going to be keeping mine in my pocket at all times now too, you've inspired me :D
    Hugs, Mins xxx

  13. Hi Fi,
    Thank you for the wonderful photo's.
    Wat a nice kitchen and so ful of details.
    There is so much to see in the kitchen and the kitchen is telling quite a story.
    I think that is so much fun.
    You can dream a way.

    I am fond of your work.

    Lots of regards Alexandra.

  14. Your Kitchen looks so Wonderful! I feel as though I am walking in the door...! And there are SO many lovely little touches... things to look at everywhere! I especially Love your Ham... I too ADORE "The Tale of Two Bad Mice"!!! I think your phone has worked quite well for taking the pictures!!!

  15. Hi there,

    Love your blog and so glad to see a fellow Australian in the miniatures blog scene! Great kitchen too, how did you make the tiles??


  16. Your photos look like they are straight from the pages of a vintage decorating magazine! Lovely warm atmosphere.

  17. Hi!
    Found your blog through "The House of Holland Miniatures-blog" and I am so Happy for that! You have such an interesting and beautiful Blog! I have been hooked to dollhouses about as long as you have :)

  18. I love your shelves and cabinetry. Your curtains hang just right. Stiff or poorly done curtains really irk me.
    Great job. The lighting makes it look like you came in after all had eaten and left the room for the night. :-D

  19. Hello dearest Fi. I do like your kitchen. I would like you to make me some comforting soup in it. How ill I was last week! I've never felt so unwell in my life (with the exception of when I was tiny with a twisted bowel, which nearly finished me off for good, poor little mite). Anyway, that's enough of the gory details. I'm feeling much better now and back on my feet, so I can't get away with looking pathetic any longer (well, no more than usual). How are YOU feeling? Andy has told me your news. I hope you are getting plenty of rest.

    Much love

    PS that drawing in the previous blog could be the first of series of Poe illustrations - ideal for The Raven, I think!!! I like it tremendously!


  20. My Dear Friend David,

    How I have been worried about you......you poor thing being stuck down so horribly. Life has been so quiet without you!! I am so glad to hear that you are recovered and I do so wish I could have made you some lovely hot soup to make you well again. I don't like the sound of your illness as a young boy, your poor mother must have been so worried!!

    I am definitely on the mend and will be firing on all cylinders before too long!

    I will pass on your thoughts to Jay, he will be most flattered you thought of him in reference to Poe,Jay is particularly good at Ravens, he has a few smaller ones in his folio ( illustrations that is not ravens) he might even consider reading some Poe this year, he is currently enjoying reading books of his choice.
    I think this series of illustrations has gone down well as one of his teachers made him an offer and bought the pair of this one, a boy waif holding a crocodile........

    Much Love, Fi xx

    1. I can't wait for Jay to start reading Poe - what interesting conversations we'll have then! I've filled an album with my illustrations to Poe - I've only put a few of them on my blog. I must get round to doing a few more. At the moment, I'm wrestling with a "castle in the clouds" - I want to draw MORE CASTLES!!!!! Of course, as well as being gothic and unnerving, Poe was also rather funny in some of his stories - and there are all the sleuth and mystery solving ones too. I was given the catalogue of an exhibition about book illustration for Christmas. Andy and I went to the exhibition is accompanied some years back at the Dulwich Picture Gallery. It was very inspiring. There are lots of Edmund Dulacs in the catalogue (an obvious favourite of mine) - plus his and Harry Clarke's illustrations to Poe. So perhaps Jay would enjoy those too, if he doesn't know them yet.

      I still tend to keel over when hoovering the carpets if I move my head too quickly, so I'm being very dignified and moving slowly (not something that comes naturally to me). Otherwise I feel fine and I even scoffed chocolates and pudding last night.

      Now it's snowing quite hard - very winter wonderland. I hope Andy doesn't get stranded at work!!



    2. Well I had better get Jay to it!!

      So glad your improving each day, and how lovely it sounds to be snowing, something we Aussies only dream about. Enjoy!

      ML Fi xx

  21. Très joli cuisine.

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