Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tufted Mattress

Howdy All, 
I hope you are all doing well. 
As you can see I finally finished the two mattresses for the Twins bedroom. I used the fabric of an old cotton shirt and followed Otterine's mattress tutorial. I have to admit to finding it a little more tricky than I expected. I nearly opted for the fake version given my limited skills in the sewing department. An emergency phone call to my wonderful seamstress sister, soon had me on the right track again. I stressed I just couldn't have my little people lying on a cardboard mattress, and she gave me a few tips on how to get it right and.... voila! 

Apparently my mistake was not having a big enough seam allowance, the fabric kept getting caught in the machine, so once I made a larger seam allowance I managed just fine. I trimmed back the excess fabric, and hey presto ready to fill and tufft. Now I feel so much better knowing my little people will sleep comfy cosy on a nice soft mattress.....LOL Thanks Sis....; )

Not only did my Sister help me out this week but my Brother too...he must have the patience of a Saint, he saved me hours of frustration by machine sawing all the timber for the floors in Ambrosia Place. Just one phone call and half an hour later he was sawing up tiny little floor boards on his big machine. I feel so lucky to have siblings are so willing to play along with my obsession. Thanks guys...XX

Now I'm all set.....I just need to get my commissions out of the way and I will be ready to get into it. Famous last words.....; )

Happy minis every one!!

ML Fi xx

P.S I hope you don't mind my rough photo's I'm trying to follow my post as I go resolution.


  1. Hello from Spain, i like the fabric of the matuteras. Great idea¡ I read that your brother and sister help you with your creations. What luck! Great furniture. Keep in touch

  2. Oltre al materasso perfetto, vedo che hai anche dei cuscini meravigliosi. Non vedo l'ora di vedere il tuo parquet messo in opera!!!

  3. Great progress Fi!!! The matress looks really comfortable and with a "delicate" touch because the shade of pink... And congrats for having a helpful family!!!

    A big hug!

  4. Hello Fi,
    First of all terrific job on the mattress. it looks wonderful. It really makes such a big difference to have a "real" matress and not just a cardboard one. It really adds to the realism of the room.
    And lucky you to have suih great sibling...mind you, I get the feeling you are a pretty great and helpful sister yourself. The floorboards will be great and i cannot wait to see them installed.
    Big hug

  5. The mattresses are beautiful and they look so comfy, I am sure your mini people will be more than happy with your effort and perseverance.

    Sounds like you have a great family, it surely is a privilege to have siblings with such a variety of skills that you can call on. That must be one of the biggest saws I ever saw, no place in my workroom for such a monster ;-)

    Enjoy your commissions and have fun with your own mini's!
    PS: I like the regular updates

  6. Nice post! Love it! <3
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  7. Fiona, your mattress is perfect! You did such a super job on it. I never tire of admiring the paint job you did on your bed. It looks so like a bed which has aged naturally over the years and has never been touched up. I need to add some gold on that bed I made out of bits and pieces. It must be wonderful to have such helpful sibblings. In my case, it's my son who lends a helping hand when needed.

  8. Hooray! It looks marvelous! :D

  9. Fantastic job, Fi! I love it! xo Jennifer

  10. Your mattress is fantastic and looks very comfortable.

  11. Quelle chance ! Je veux bien une sœur et un frère comme les vôtres . On échange ? J ai deux sœurs très gentilles mais ... Pas manuelles ! Hihi !
    Le matelas est très réussi . Cela valait vraiment le coup de le faire même si vous avez rencontré des difficultés . Avec la miniature , on apprend plein de nouvelles techniques . Je trouve cela passionnant .
    Votre lit méritait un vrai matelas . Bonne continuation .

  12. What a very comfy bed, Fi. It's made me feel very sleepy. I also love the tiny Teddy. What a sweet duvet companion he would make. Speaking of which, we have a new bear here, recently rescued from his likely landfill destination, who is called Raymond, but he's decided to keep my Dad company rather than stay with Andy and me. Mind you, we also have a lost property dog called Patch to accommodate. He's very excitable for a stuffed toy but seems to have a split personality - one side of him is very dog-like, wanting to get muddy and chase his tale; the other side is very refined and superior. I wonder which is the real him?

    PS - we could do with a circular saw bench like that! This summer, one of my jobs is to tidy the workshop. I think it will take rather a long time...

    David x

  13. I will be right over so you can tuck me in on that great mattress! It looks so fluffy and comfortable. Great job! Almost a shame to cover them up with linens.

    You are very fortunate to have a couple siblings that are willing to help you out like that. Kudos to them.


  14. Daer Fiona, your mattress looks so very fine, well done! And I am already looking forward to your posts about the real wooden floors in Ambrosia Place. I think it's very sweet of your brother and sister to help you with your miniature passion, but.... I believe you are a very loving and caring sister towards them as well! So it is a kind of mutual thing....Good luck with finishing your commissions....Big hug, Liduina

  15. What a great job you did on the mattresses, Fi! I will def have to take a peek at Otterine's tutorial (once I find a bed...first things first). I love how they're 'tufted.' Nice to have a handy family member (or two) to help out when you're in a jam, right? Your bedroom is looking GORG!

  16. Hi Fi! Your mattress looks Perfect!!! I am So glad you did not give up and resign your little people to hard mattresses!!! LOL I am a believer in the real thing as often as possible... and your beds look Gorgeous! (How long is it going to take You to want to cover up the mattress..??) And having a brother with the right tools is Awesome! Years and Years ago my brother made me "lumber" for my dollhouse out of scrap wood in his Shop Class! I still have a lot of it... I used it on my Lovely Old Dollhouse for windows and wainscoting! I can't wait to see what you do with yours! And the pictures are wonderful as they are!!! Thanks for sharing them!

  17. Yes, siblings do help each other, great teamwork :D!! Hope your commissions will be finished soon?? I don't think so :D!
    I wish you good night, my dear friend, sleep well on your soft matrass ;)!
    Lovingly, Ilona

  18. HI Honey
    Sorry Im sooo late (I really am late this time!).
    What an incredible job you did on the mattress! It looks truly wonderful!! - Not that I ever doubted, of course ;-)
    The fabric is perfect for the "ticking" look, in fact the pale pink is so good, I'd be tempted to leave the bed "un-made" just so is showed off your hard work!
    As for the floor boards, they look brilliant. What a lucky girl you are to have such a helpful on-hand brother. I wish my sister owned a wood saw!! Now you can do pretty much anything you want with the floors, painted, stained... more limitless choices - I don't think I could cope!
    Have a great week, Babe xx

  19. Well done Fi. The mattress looks really good and I like the colour too. Something a bit different from the usual blue stripe.

  20. HI Fi! I think that you did a really lovely job on the mattress. It is a lovely color and it look very comfy! The pale pink seems to be a nice compliment to the paleness of the walls and looks harmonious with the area rug too, so it appears to be a wise choice. Well Done!


  21. Dear Fi,

    I just saw your post and want to say what a wonderful job you've done on the mattress--it's beautiful. I will be making one for my English cottage sooner or later. I hope mine turns out even half as good as yours! Thanks for the great post. Looking forward to your future work.

    All best,

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  23. Hi Fi!
    What a beautiful mattress! And it looks sooooo.... confortable.

    How lucky to have a brother who can cut all that wood. Now you just need to do the floors -- can't wait to see them!


  24. Wonderful mattresses! I know, it`s so nice to have sister and brothers :)

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