Monday, March 5, 2012

Range light

Hi every one,

Sorry there hasn't been much action going on in the miniature sense, plenty going on at home though. I do however have a few days up my sleeve now as both kids have gone off to camp and whilst I miss them it is lovely and quiet here at the moment.

I am in the throws of finishing my kitchen, the cabinet is made and I'm doing the last little bits. The thing that has stalled me however is the light in the range hood that I have mentioned before. I am worried about the level of heat inside the wood and have two options I can show you.

Firstly here is the Range hood - I must apologise for the unglamorous images.

I have widened the opening of the RH to allow more light to fall onto the stove top.

I then made an opening in the back so I can thread in the bulb.

Next are the two bulbs I can choose from. The first your standard wheat bulb - I am afraid I wont be able to secure it enough to stop it being in contact with the wood fibres inside the RH.  I'm not sure if it was a coincidence but the first bulb I tried blew and I wondered if it got too hot. The other bulb I don't know the name of is brighter and of course hotter but easier to secure to the inside because of the flat plate it has as its base.

Here is a picture of the bulb secured and un able to move whilst inside. I am told these particular bulbs have a long life as it will be difficult to change the bulb if it blows. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Happy minis every one.

ML Fi x


  1. Hi Fi,
    It's good to hear from you--I am glad that all is well.

    I am in the same quandary with my range hood at Sunnybrook Farm. Right now I have the bottom completely open and have the grain of wheat light "delicately" hanging and spaced away from the wall with a small piece of wood between the wire and the wall. So far, so good.

    The wire goes through a hole in the wall to the next room and is hidden by a piece of furniture there so I can change the bulb.

    I am still worried about the heat, though. I hope this has been some help.

    Enjoy the day!

    1. Hi Iris,

      Yes I think that was my original plan. I think I should make the bottom completely open. I spoke to the lady in my Dollhouse shop and she thinks that would be okay.

      Thanks for your advice.

      ML, Fi x

  2. Hi Fi,

    One suggestion that comes to mind is using L.E.D. bulbs. They last a very long time and emit little if no heat. they come in a range of sizes and they might work.
    If you decide to go with regular bulbs, is it possible to cut out the bottom of the hood. The hole might not show, or you can get some kind of thin netting, possibly a dark stocking,, which would look like a black filter...make any sens?
    Can't wait to see the kitchen come to life, enjoy the next few days,
    Giac hugs,

    1. Hi Giac,

      As I said to Iris I spoke to the lady at my DH shop and she didn't have any LED lights but thought if I open the bottom more I should be okay. The filter doe make sense. I will give it a go.

      Thanks Giac, always a good person for advice.

      Fi xx

  3. Hi, darling!

    I agree with Giac that an LED bulb might be the way to go as there is no heat. The light they throw can be harsh, though, so be warned. It might need to be gelled. I would also consider not attaching the hood to the wall permanently to make changing the bulb easier.

    Enjoy your respite!

    John xo

    1. Thank you my Darling,

      I think I'm going to go with the wheat bulb as I can't get an LED bulb but I get what you mean regarding the removable range. I've been trying to figure out how to do it as I wanted to put a flue above it. I just can't help making it difficult for myself. But you know how it is, once you get an idea in your head you just can't put it away.

      ML Fi xx

  4. Hi Fi, I am not sure I am the right person to give advice on lighting, I have to change the indicator light on my old Polo, and it's thrown into doubt about the correct way to do it, really I should read teh hand book, and save a huge amount of money, but I still feel like just handing it over to a garage to fix teh problem - lazy bones!!

    Anyway, back to you... could you line the inside of the cooker hood with something heat resistant? I'm not sure it would be a massive problem anyway unless you planned to keep everything lit for hours. Failing heat resistant fabric, maybe a shade of some sort, most shades made for dolls house lamps seem to be made of plastic, certainly on teh inside, even if fabric outside!

    I wish you luck anyway.

    PS just had a huge tea party for my birthday, Champagne in the afternoon always makes me sleepy!! Yawn!

    Andy xx

    1. Hi Andy,

      yes I think the general consensus it probably wont get that hot as long as I don't leave it on too long.

      Fi xx

  5. Your cooker hood looks the very thing but I can't help with the light issue though. Would it really be a major problem if, like me, you only switch the lights on to admire and stare (!) or do you intend having them on for some time? Just a thought although maybe not much use - lol.

  6. Hi Irene,

    Yes I'm with you, after speaking to Kerry from my Doll House shop we agree I don't leave the lights on long enough and a lot of the little fireplaces have a wheat bulb inside them so it can't be that much of a concern. I only have them on as you do,just to admire and stare.......; )

    ML Fi xx

  7. Thanks every one for your input. I can proceed with more confidence now, a day free to fiddle at last!!!

    Love to you all!!

    Fi xx

  8. I'd love to support your experimenting with electricity on your DH.
    If you are in the Continental US or Canada - I will send you an LED in a regular envelope....
    You'll need to get a resistor from your local Radio Shack or Source depending on what you end up powering it with but at any rate I'd love to help out.

    ALSO - if you went with a regular bulb and were concerned about heat - using a piece of brass tubing or any metal - would not only help hold you bulb steady, also acts as a 'heat sink' and sucks up some of the extra warmth so it doesn't heat up the hood itself...

    Send me your details @

    1. SHOULD have read your profile're in Australia...
      I will find out from the post office what it would cost for the postage and if it's under a few bucks - I can still send this to you ok?

    2. Hi Tayla,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to post. Thanks to you I have now worked out my problem, I found a piece of copper in the shed that should work perfectly to hold the bulb in place and and act as a heat sink as you say.

      Now I just working on attaching it.

      Thanks so much for your advice.

      Fi x

    3. Sorry I spelt your name wrong......Tyla

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