Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Scandinavian Pineapple


Well as you know Andy I do live in a Scandinavian Pineapple and as I am very much aware  it is your Birthday I have decided to partake in our usual celebration dish of Champagne and Pineapples in honour of this so special occasion. I would however prefer to be partaking this wonderful culinary delight with you in person but I will have to settle for a virtual celebration. I would also like to say that I have enjoyed our friendship over the past 6 months, it has been filled with lots of fun and laughter. Twelve months ago I would never have believed I would enjoy a friend ship online  as much as I do. Have a wonderful day and I hope it's filled with surprises. Love to David and Snowy and I just hope Snowy doesn't eat all the cake!!!!
For anyone who would like to wish Andy a Happy Birthday here is his blog address.

P.S I have just drunk those glasses of Champagne and feel a little bit tipsy, I'd better save the rest for Paul. Oh, and by the way it's a Victorian sparkling wine ( not allowed to call it Champagne) Yarra Burn, the Yarra is the main river that runs through Melbourne but heaven forbid the water for the vines cam from there!!!

Happy Birthday Andy. XXXX


  1. Well! what can I say!!? Thank you, 1000 times thank you! what an impressive pineapple, be-decked with flags scandinavian, and Aussie fizz too.

    I shall no doubt be guzzling a little of the French fizz later today with some big fat cakes and fancy hand-cooked crisps I picked up in Waitrose!

    I too have enjoyed our friendship, has it really only been 6 months, it seems so much longer that that! It has been great to have 'met' so many people with a shared interest in miniatures from around the world. You've certainly made me laugh on many occasions!

    With the power of Google Maps I have tracked down your Scandinavian Pineapple house - very James Bond Villain!! do you have a black swivel chair, a long-haired white persian, and a trapdoor to a vat of red hot magma? Now a James Bond lair in miniature would be great fun to do wouldn't it!!!

    With much love and grateful thanks for your kind words and efforts with pineapple decor

    Andy xxxxxx

    David and that bear send love too. xxxxx

    BTW I'm now a very aged 38!!


  2. That blooming bear seems to get everywhere, naturally the post above was really by me, Snowy is far too busy trying to 'help' David bake cakes!!

    love Andy xx

  3. Hello Andy (or is it Snowy?),

    So glad you enjoyed my ever so tasteful display of scandinavian Pineapple. I must say after 2 glasses of Aussie Fizz I realise why I normally go for the French!!!

    Now as for my Scandinavian Pineapple, James bond villain house, you may or may not be pleased to know it is even more villain like now, with high security fences and shade batons. Oh and a deck and lawn, still waiting on the sculpture, although I did find a rather strange rusted metal object washed up on the beach this morning I think could work. I do have the black swivel chair but a ginger hungarian Viszla instead of a white persian, and i think Jays bedroom floor may some times hide the red hot magma!! But don't tell David!! I will now be heading off to google maps to check out your place of residence!! Will I find some kind of gothic revamped Abby???

    Have a wonderful day and make sure you indulge plenty and be sure to know that when my birthday comes around I think I will forget to mention my age........: )

    Much love, Fi xxxx

  4. I've indulged far too much, and can now hardly move!!

    Don't think you'll find a gothic hall, or indeed an 18th century English Paladian mansion, just a little cottage, tucked away beyond the chapel, which Google, very kindly won't let you see properly!! ;)


  5. ROTFL!!!

    Belated Best Wishes to you Andy!

    John XO

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