Sunday, June 3, 2012

Long time, no see???

Hello every one!! Yes long time no see!!

I'm sorry I have been some what absent from the blog world of late, we have had some family issues that have needed some careful attention but rest asured all is well and I will soon be back into the swing of things. I will also be changing a few things on my blog to ensure a little more privacy as I have had some un wanted exposure of a different kind recently ( exposure being the word of interest) and I just want to tighten a few things up. 

I don't really have any progress to report but I wanted to say Hi to you all and after seeing Andy's post where he so sweetly mentioned my kitchen curtains I thought I would show how I did them.

Firstly I measured the space and cut the fabric one and a half times the width then sewed a tiny hem all the way around. I then used a cork board and pinned my piece of fabric to the board in the little pleats I required, trying my best to keep to keep them straight so quite a few pins were required. I then sprayed it with hair spray and quickly used my hair dryer I had ready and dried it off. The curtain was then permanently pleated and as stiff as a board ( and I wont make any relevant jokes to other such things Andy and John.....; ) ) I then glued it to a little piece of card I had with the ends folded in then I glued the board inside the cabinet opening, and bingo there is my little curtain.

The little tea towels and dish cloth I used the same technique but folded them in place as you can see in the above picture. I used the coat hanger so I could get the right sort of fold to hang on the rail on the aga. The dish cloth I wanted to look like it was tossed on the draining board so I used an old towel to shape it on.

So there we have it! No pretty pleater but it does the trick when you don't have one handy!!!


Next I wanted to tell you about my trip to the tip!! John says it's a must tell story. Exciting I know, my domestic duties discussed on my blog and  you may ask why I show you a picture of a pile of rubble but look closely and you will see a very sad little Doll House. Yes, sad, because there it was, sitting there abandoned and who should arrive and see it there but ME, the perfect person to restore it back to life, it was fate I thought. Until the mean attendant said I was not to go beyond the barrier for public safety reasons. That pile of wood was nearly 2 stories high. I said to Paul maybe we could back up the car and I could run and grab it, but he wouldn't have it! There was no way I was bringing home any JUNK from the tip!!! If I was on my own I would have done it!

So even sadder it was that I had to leave it behind.....Austrian Chalet I was thinking. I stewed on it for days!!!  

Well thats all I have for you at the moment folks but I just wanted to let you know I will be back in the swing of things soon!

Much love to you all, Fi xx


  1. P.S I forgot to give credit to Linda Carswell from Un Petite Folie for the How To on shaping curtains and bedclothes. Thank you Linda, it worked a trick!

  2. Hi Fi, glad you're thinking of a come back;) To mention too personal things on your blog is risky, indeed, that is why I don't do that ;)
    I do hope everything is well with your family and you?!
    To shape the clothes with the hairspray, I already knew this tip, but thanks anyway. About the mess with junk....where was this? The dollshouse: it must sadly be missed by someone, I guess?
    Have a great week. Hugs, Ilona

    1. Hi Ilona,

      Yes I think I will be back into the swing of things soon and things are getting better at home, we are all well, thank you. I will be popping over to see your blog soon.
      We had to discard a lot of wood and this was at the tip were clearly lots of people have left there junk. Obviously not a loved doll house any more!!

      Hugs, Fi

  3. I think Paul is really mean (>.<)I would have totally done a drive-by dollhouse snatch and the attendant would have been treated do a smug grin as I passed ha-ha.

    1. Hey Pepper,

      Yeah, I think he was mean too! It was free after all!!

      Fi xx

  4. Hi Honey
    Great to hear from you, though it ounds a bit worrying about your "exposure"!
    I think I share your passion for all things recycled. My Dad is a massive Car Boot fan, I can't tell you the times I have wandered round and round looking for that tiny little piece of treasure. I bet you were gutted about your little house find. I can just imagine you fretting about it for days - all the conversions you could do. The slope of the roof certainly lends itself to a challet!
    Keep the faith babe and look forward to more posts soon (good luck with the security)

    1. Hi Si, exposure of an unwanted kind!!! Sadly that puts an end to my walks on the beach alone...: (

      I cant believe I missed out on that little house. I could have sworn it was meant for me, I mean of all people to rock up to the tip and i wasn't allowed to take it home!!

      ML Fi xx

    2. Bless you. It sounds like a pretty rotten time you've had.
      Gutted about the house, you could have done wonders with it. Never mind, perhaps it was meant to ignite a little spark and draw your attention to the fact, and you might keep a keener eye out next time and spot a Winner?!
      Si xx

  5. Hello Fi!!

    Goodness! what a lot of wood!! ;) I think the attendant was a sour old jobsworth not letting you have that little house, it looks in reasonable condition, compared to all the other stuff around it anyway! He could at least have offered to get it for you. I have to say, I haven't seen a tip like that for years! ours are all neatly stored in big skips so you rarely see any goodies within. Still there are many other unloved, neglected dolls houses out there in need of your careful attentions (try ebay of other wbe based auction sites, or look around garage sales like Troy does!!)

    Ah pinning. Yes, I have heard of that technique, it involves basic sewing skills so instantly sets off alarm bells in my head (seriously, you should have seen the tea cosy I was forced to make in needlework class at school, it looked like a car!!!!)

    It sounds fairly easy, if time consuming, so I will give it a go, I have a cork board and spray starch (and pins!!) so am half way there already! I just need to man up and get out the needle and cotton!!!!

    (yeah! go me!!!)

    I'm pleased to see that you can now see a funny side to your recent experience. Just sit back, relax and enjoy a nice stiff gin and tonic. ;oD

    look forward to seeing more of your miniatures soon!!

    Andy xxx

    1. Hi Andy,

      yes I think that attendant had other ideas, there was a female attendant at one of the other bays and i wonder if she had her eye on it. We do have all our waist in sectioned off areas in big skips so I'm not sure what that big pile was for.

      Haha, Andy, sewing skills.....I think that is something we are both lacking in! But do not fear if I can do it so can you!!! Especially with those delicate little fingers of yours......; ) I have been known to leave Pauls shirt hanging in the cupboard waiting for a button for 12 months or so. My sister is a wonderful seamstress( she has an Etsy site called Elope in April if you want to check it out, she makes beautiful floral frocks ) and so was my Mother, my Aunty and Grandmother. I don't know what happened to me????

      Haha, yes time to turn to humour!

      ML Fi xxx

    2. Spooky!! my mum was a seamstress too!! So the skill is obviously not passed via the blood line, or it misses a few along the way!! (and I have been known to throw out shirts that needed a new button on them in the past, rather than to sew one on, shame on me!!)

      I will try my hand at it inspired by your own good work, and see what happens!!

      Andy xxx

  6. Ok, I would have asked the attendent to get it for me. LOL I wonder if he/she wanted it for some little person. They couldnt have been a miniaturist because we are too sweet for that kind of behavior lol Weird the way it is just sitting there upright saying "take me."

    P.S.I am totally a "garbage picker" lol

  7. HI There,

    welcome to my blog.

    Yes, I think some one else had their eye on it, it was so strange just sitting out there on its own.


  8. Hi Fi,
    I'm sorry that you had some family issues, but I am glad that you will soon be back into the swing of things. For a number of reasons, I also, have not been around for what I call the "Very UN-Merry Month of May", but I am coming back into the world of miniatures.

    I love your kitchen curtains, and it is too bad that you couldn't get that dollhouse--I would have wanted it too. No dollhouse should be without a loving owner.

    Cheers (alcoholic or not),

  9. Hi Iris,

    yes things are on the way back for us and I'm glad they are for you too. Miniatures are such a nice way to escape from the doldrums so it's a shame when we are so busy we don't have time for them.

    ML Fi xx

  10. What a shame you weren't able to rescue it - it looks so forlorn :(

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