Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Birthday


Like everyone else
I feel the need of relations and friendship,
of affection, of friendly intercourse,
and I am not made of stone or iron,
so I cannot miss these things without feeling,
as does any other intelligent man,
a void and deep need.
I tell you this to let you know
how much good your visit has done me.

Vincent Van Gogh

From one mad Artist to another....... your friendship is invaluable!

Dearest David,

I wish you the Happiest of Birthdays. As you know I am not a writer or poet but I felt that these lines from dear Vincent say more than I can manage. Your friendship has been nothing short of thoughtful, entertaining, educational and some times laugh out loud funny. I am so glad I met you via Andy and although it has not been in person I feel a true friendship has evolved. As I have mentioned before my world would be empty without your wonderful posts.......; )

I have spent the afternoon making a little something in miniature to post for your birthday but sadly by the time I had finished the light had failed and was not worth photographing. I will have to leave it till tomorrow. The image above is from a clip I took this week but sadly it failed to load, it is my local beach where I walk most days and I thought you might enjoy catching a glimpse.

Have a wonderful day David,

Love always, your friend, Fi xx


  1. Hi Fi! This picture: gorgeous view, I wish I could see it with my own eyes: I would like to paint it!! Although it is for Davids birthday, I thank you for sharing this divine picture.
    Warm hugs, Ilona

    1. Hi Ilona,

      I did post it thinking of david but it was for every one to enjoy. I'm so glad you like it and I bet you would do a wonderful job of painting it.

      Big hugs,
      Fi xx

  2. Without ever met you, I think you are a wonderful person.

    1. You know the feeling is mutual.......; )

  3. FI - I've just read your message!!! What a wonderful way to bring my birthday to an end!!!! Thank you so much. The picture is beautiful and Vincent's words so...true! I return your feelings, Fi. You have stayed with me, and given me such encouragement. It's really true. Without your comments I might have given up on my blog, but knowing you're there to read whatever nonsense I put up, makes me continue. I really ought to put some more drawings on - in fact, I ought to DRAW some more drawings, but there's always so much housework and garden work to do, not to mention writing my required number of words a day.

    I had a rather sartorial selection of gifts: a beautiful linen jacket from dearest Andy, a very smart waistcoat from my parents and some musical socks (they don't play tunes, but are covered in notes. I should call them my footnotes, shouldn't I?) Andy's Event is on 13th, so we are praying for fine weather. I'll be putting pictures on the blog afterwards.

    Thanks so much again, Fi! I hope all is well with you, and that the latest batch of spheres made it to you!


    David x

    1. Dearest David,

      I am so glad you haven't given up your blog!! You know how much I love to read it and your drawings are so inspiring and thought provoking, do draw some more drawings. I do know how life's duties can get in the way though.

      A linen jacket sounds perfect for and English gentleman's summer, and you will look smashing in your waistcoat and foot notes.

      As for the big day which I believe is tomorrow I send my own sphere of sunshine to you and hope that it shines down on your special day.

      love always, Fi xx

  4. remind me - which one is David again?!! ;o)

    Just time to look briefly on the web before I am thrown back down into the cellar in chains to continue the 'party' preparations!

    Just like a queen to get two birthdays!!

    The photo looks beautiful, I can see why you enjoy your walks there!!!

    Oh well! back the grind stone I suppose!!!

    much love

    Andy xxx

  5. HeHe you are a Devil.....; )

    No doubt you will be in the throws of preperation and I wish i could be there to help you. I bet it will be just smashing!!

    Have fun,

    ML Fi xx

  6. Yes, I did get two birthdays, Andy dearest, but unlike the other Queen, it didn't rain on my party.

    So thank you, dear Fi, for sending us a lovely bubble of Australian sunshine, which arrived just on time!

    David xx

    1. Haha, the Queens birthday line came to my mind but I decided to side step it.

      We did of course have a day off for the Queens birthday which is always very welcome, it was so cold and foggy it reminded me of England. The fog lasted till 3pm it was that thick. Not exactly sunny Australia!

      I am glad that the sun came out just in time for your special day.

      Fi xx

  7. Hi Fi,
    What a wonderful birthday tribute to David. Van Gogh is my favorite artist and I share some of that "madness", too.

    You walk on a beautiful beach--I envy you. Im have always loved oceanfront landscape, so of course, I live inland!

    Cheers and hugs,

  8. Hi Iris,

    I don't think we're alone with the touch of madness thing, I have a feeling a lot of our fellow miniaturists are keeping us company, after all, you have to be a little eccentric to get lost in a miniature world.

    Its funny how we end up with the opposite of what we love. I live in a modern Architect design house and I have always been drawn to old homes and antiques, so who knows?

    Fi xx

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