Monday, January 16, 2012

Holiday Post

Well I am on Holiday or otherwise known as Vacation! YAY! That means that there is little going on in our Doll House but I do have a couple of little things to show you that I plan to use in the attic once I get to it. In the attic there will be  an Artists studio ( no surprises there ) but not just for painting. I think the lady of the house is also interested in photography. The little plate camera was a Christmas gift, these cameras were used mainly for portrait photography from late 1800 to early 1900. This is not necessarily the time I will be setting our house in as I'm not sure I want to be fixed to a particular period but I do think it will work in with how the studio will look. Perhaps  a collection of cameras?

Of course what is an artists studio without an easel. This is a sweet little thing however I think it needs a few paint splatters don't you? I actually measured it scale wise and I think it's strictly speaking a little low
to the ground but I think we'll go with it nonetheless. Oh and my little collection of shells are there for no other reason than it looked a little plain.

Next is something I'm sure you are all very familiar with and that is the wonderful book Magnificent Miniatures by Mulvany and Rodgers. This was another Christmas gift and I have been drifting through the pages since I received it. My favourite is the American Colonial house.

Well thats it for my Holiday post. I think it's time we hit the beach!!

Happy Minis to you all!!

Fi xx


  1. Hi Fi,
    What lovely pieces. Who cares if the tripod is a little low, you could always fix up a standor something. Perhaps the lady of the house is vertically challenged? ;-)
    The shells are so pretty too, they're tiny!
    The book is a "must have", isn't it. I too love the colonial house, its so tidy looking and I love those colours.
    Enjoy your holiday honey
    Si -x-

  2. Oh Fiona, me muero de ganas por tener ese libro!! Pero siempre tengo otros gastos más importantes que me impiden hacerme con él... Pero algún día será míooooo!! Feliz semana!!

  3. Hi, girlfriendlyness!

    Cool stuff! The camera looks almost as old as my 'real' one, (but probably takes better photos).

    Magnificent Miniatures is my personal Holy Bible! I'll have to go back to the American Colonial for a look-see, naturally I gravitate to the European models, the grass is always greener...

    Have a happy holiday aka vacation!

  4. Great gifts. I love the antique camera--it's wonderful! I can't wait to see your artist's studio! :-) Jennifer

  5. Hi Si my lovely,

    Yes I think the lady of the house must be some what vertically challenged to get up those stairs! If she is anything like me that would not be the case, I'm 5ft 10......... hardly vertically

    I found some more tiny tiny shells today Si, a little Deborah style, they only seam to turn up on the surf beaches not in the bay. I had some other interesting finds that I might post about in a day or two.

    I LOVE the book and feel like a lot of it is beyond me, I think the colonial is more my style and a little of what I'm aiming for. I love the naive mural. I have hopes to do a chinoiserie mural in the drawing room. Thats if i have the nerve in the end.

    ML Fixx

    Hola Pedrete,
    Yo sé lo que quieres decir, hay tantas cosas en la lista de deseos se vuelve muy caro.

    Siempre es bueno saber de ti.

    Fi xx

    Hi boyfriendlyness!!

    I think old cameras take better pictures any way. The first camera I had when I was 15 was a Ricoh SLR film and still takes the best shots!

    Now I was hoping you might know a bit about American Colonial John, given the architecture of my house I think I need to be vaguely in those woods......I'm counting on you!!

    Hi Jennifer,

    Yes I think the studio could be interesting, a few quirky bits and pieces in there should be fun!

    Fi x

  6. Oh the beach?! Now you've made me jealous. The canal in front of my house is frozen...
    Lovely gifts! Maybe the tripod is a table tripod of sorts? The book is wonderful isn't it? I haven't looked at it for a while so I will take it out of my bookcase and emjoy it over a nice hot cup of tea.
    Have a great vacation!

  7. Hi Josje,

    just think, in six months time I will be wrapped in my winter woolies whilst your all enjoying the sun shine!!

    I'd like to see a frozen canal, it's not something I have ever seen. Any time I have traveled its been in the warmer months. Hmmmm funny how one thinks of tea when looking at Magnificent

    Fi x

  8. A studio sounds a great idea. You can do so much with it.

    Very cold and frosty here this morning. What is this thing called sun? lol

    1. Dear Irene,

      If I could I would package up some sun and pop it in a box and send it to you. I think we have had more than our share today!!
      Tomorrow I will post some sunny pictures and send you some sunshine that way!!

      Fi xx

  9. Tu estudio de artista va a quedar fantastico, con esa preciosa camara.
    besitos ascension

  10. Ah ha - Andy gave me a miniature easel and canvas for Christmas not unlike yours, Fi. I have yet to decide what to paint on it. Perhaps an all-seeing eye, or perhaps the Alice-in-Wonderland Drink Me bottle. I suppose I'll think of something. I also admire the miniature camera. You could stage your own miniature version of Death in Venice with it - that wonderful final scene with the camera on the beach...

    1. Well David I think you should get cracking! I like the sound of the "drink Me" bottle. I'm starting to wonder about Andy's new project, he has us all in suspense, I think if he is going to get you to paint him something maybe it's going to be a modern house????

      Now David I'm ashamed to say I haven't read Death in Venice, I think I will add it to the list!

      Fi xx

  11. Hello Fi,

    Love the little camera, can just see it in your miniature studio, along with your easle and lots of miniatures you've painted yourself, its going to be a big project!!

    I got the M&R book for Christmas in 2010, it makes me want to weep when I compare it to my own humble efforts, but at least it is something to aspire too! (I feel the same way about the Thorne Rooms too!)

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

  12. Hi Andy,

    Describing your house as a humble effort is far from truth!! Your DH is beautiful and something I aspire too!!

    I had lots of time to think and relax and I'm just bursting with ideas I can't wait to get back into it.

    Love your new posts.

    Fi x

  13. I can't wait to see what those new ideas are!

    thanks for your kind words,

    I it's easy to doubt your own skill when you have seen perfection in something like M&R's houses! i must be more positive in the future!!

    andy xx

  14. Hi Fi, we have the same favourite :-). I love the American Colonial House!!!

  15. Hi Lara,

    yes its a gorgeous house. Something to aspire to I guess.

    Thanks for popping buy, I will swing over to your place next....... ;)

    Fi x

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