Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year Local Style

Hello Every One,

I would like to wish you all a Very Happy, Safe, and Prosperous New Year!!!!

The weather for us has been perfect for New Year celebrations......30 - 35 degrees with a baker tomorrow of 40. I spent the night with friends and a clear view of the bay and the fireworks display from town to town. I thought I would take this opportunity to give you a little glimpse of where I come from.

This is an image of (not taken by me but J.Heratige ) of Mornington Pier during a fire works display.
Mornington is the central town close to where I live on the Mornington Peninsula  which is the right hand peninsula of Port Philip Bay.  The Bellarine peninsula is on the left hand side and the two meet with very little distance between them, I would estimate approximately 2 kilometres. The Heads allow the passage for Shipping to enter into Port Philip through channels to Port Melbourne. On the whole the Bay is made up of quiet beaches and coves lined with expensive Real Estate. There is very little threat of any ocean nasties such as Sharks but we  do have to deal with the odd Sting Ray ( Mantaray...... poor Steve Irwin ) that we need to step over......... as long as we don't wrestle them like Steve we should be okay!! Out side of the Bay is Bass Strait which is lined with the stunning stretch of surf beaches. The images that Australia is so well known for.

I would like to acknowledge the original owners of the Mornington Peninsula , The Boonwurrung People.

This is Venus Bay  we often holiday here and on surrounding beaches  during the summer break. It was taken last year on a very hot overcast day during a period of heavy rain. ( thats Mia and Paul in the distance )It was the tail end of the weather pattern that caused the massive flood in QLD that wiped out thousand homes and hundreds of lives. Sadly this is the nature of the Australian climate, after drought comes flood.
 I will touch on the drought and its effects another time. 
The surf beaches are a sight to behold, breath taking, invigorating, exciting sometimes calming. It is a wonderful place to spend the sumer (and winter) and we have had many years holidaying all over Australia enjoying these beautiful destinations. The beauty of these beaches do however come with hidden dangers for locals and travellers alike. Being aware of your environment and swimming between the flags is paramount. On our approaching holiday I will be sure to take some pictures of the crowds and the surf patrol to give you and idea. 

I am in danger of prattling on so i will sign off for now.

Happy holidays to you all!!

There is someone I would like to mention before I sign off and that is David from
Whilst Davids blog is not a blog about Miniatures I do enjoy it very much. So for any one who enjoys a mix of beautiful Artwork, Philosophy, Literature and just general good humour please have a look, I'm sure you wont be disappointed!! 

ML Fi xx


  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all xx
    Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures Fi, the beach is beautiful, and I'll be sure to check out David's Blog.
    Best wishes

  2. Happy New Year, Fi. Where you live is a far cry from where I live!

  3. Hi si,

    Bit of a scorcher here today......40 degrees...what I would call unpleasant, there are lots on the beach but I don't know if you have heard the saying "mad men and English men go out in the midday sun".....I don't think there are any EM out there...... only mad Aussies......

    Hi Irene,

    your right, it is a far cry, but a beautiful place none the less.I have been to Edinburgh for only a few days and I would give anything right now for the coolness of Scotland....

    Happy new year to you both!

    Fi xx

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  5. Hello Fi, got back from the coast today. I would have taken some phots for you, but the weather has been awful, gale force winds and driving rain! I'll see if I can find some taken when teh weather was better!

    Your pictures above are beautiful, what a wonderful place to live. sounds a little too hot for me there though. I am not a fan of hot weather, dispite being born in Malta!

    I have heard that you have lots of things that can bite and sting in Austrailia!! I'd be following the orders on every flag I saw there!! ;)

    Thanks for the tip on David's blog too, he will be delighted I am sure!

  6. Hi Andy,

    Its great to hear from you. I would love to see some pictures of your town. I said to John the other day, we all come from such different parts of the world, where we come from makes up part of who we are. The miniatures are what we have in common, but it's interesting to know what makes us different. Its a bit like virtual travelling too!

    It is a beautiful place and I will post some pictures of my local beach at a later date. It is even a bit hot for me Andy. We had several days up around 40 c (105f) and I nearly expired. I have a friend that was born in Malta, she lived there until her teens. A beautiful place I believe.

    There are lots of bitey stingy things here Andy but you kind of get used to looking out for them. Aussies are known to sit around and tell stories about their encounters with them. Don't get me started on spiders( I could go on for days) but let me tell you, Scandinavian Pineapples have very hard to reach places when it comes to cob webs!!!
    Any one for a Holiday?????

    And no worries on Davids blog thing, since I posted that I learned even more interesting things.....; )

    See what happens when you go away Andy.....the bla bla just gets stored up!

    Fi xx

  7. You can Bla Bla all you like Fi, always good to hear back from you!

    I don't remember anything about Malta to be honest, I was still rather young when my parents moved back to the UK. but there are one or two pictures and it does look nice in those, I have been meaning to go back for years!

    I have heard about your funnel web spiders, that was enough!!!

    Hope you're having a relaxing time now, after all the rush and panic at Christmas!

    Andy xx

  8. Hi Andy,

    Today is a good day, as it is a day for miniatures. We have been a bit hectic with one thing or another.

    I doubt I will finnish my Kitchen today but I will hopefully get a good amount done however I do have some nice little things (or should i say GLT's) I will photograph and post tonight.

    ML FI x

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