Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Last non miniature post

I promise this is my last non miniature post. We are heading home tomorrow and I will be back into the Dollhouse pronto!!

On my last post John mentioned the pictures of the beach. I really  posted them to show the balls of sand and the clusters of crabs and didn't feel it was a great example of the beach. So considering tomorrow is Australia day I thought I would post some classic Aussie images. 

Australia Day is the day we celebrate the first fleet arrival in Sydney cove in 1788. There is an official ceremony in which high achieving Australians are given awards for there incredible efforts. This year Geoffrey Rush is Australian of the year. Some parts of the community prefer that non celebrity Australians are recipients but I guess every one should be entitled. There is also the controversial issue of our indigenous Australians calling it invasion day.

In general though, Australians spend the day with family and friends having Barbies, going to the beach and celebrating being Aussie.

Below are a series of photos showing a typical day at a surf beach. This is Inverloch where we have spent our holiday, only an hour and a half from where we live.

I would like to acknowledge the original owners of this land the Bunurong People.

Well our last day of holiday was a beauty, lots of sun, sand and surf.......not that we are the surfing types but a boogie board is always fun, I was talked into doing a bit of body surfing which is always a laugh as long as you don't get dunked. The last water photo is there to give you the scale of the waves. Not huge by surfers standards but big enough for me.

Happy mini's every one!

Bye for now.

Fi xx


  1. Hi Fi,
    I swear I would pack my bags this minute. It looks so beautiful! I hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation, and happy Australia day!
    Looking forward to seeing more of your great work soon.
    All the best,

    1. Hi Giac,

      You know I've always wanted to run a B&B, maybe I should get it up and going and all my blog friends could come and stay...... ;)

      Fi x

  2. Great photos Fi!

    What are all the different flags for?

    I've never heard of Australia Day before. Sounds like a good idea, don't think it would work so well here in Britain. I guess I can understand why the native people feel a bit upset, but history is history, you can't change things!

    We have those blasted Olympics coming up here soon. Honestly, have you seen the logo? and the unlovable characters they created for it? I just want to hide away from the whole thing. Might build a new dolls house!!

    Have a good journey home, and enjoy Australia day!! ;)


  3. Hi Andy,

    The red and yellow flags show the area that life savers are patrolling.They are usually set approximately 50 or so meters apart close to the surf rescue tower. There are life savers in the tower with binoculars watching and t in the jeep. You must swim between the flags as it is chosen as the safest part of the beach to swim.There are dangerous rips in the surf, these are rip currents: narrow, fast-moving belts of water traveling offshore.They can move at a speed of 2 feet per second, so any unsuspecting swimmer can quickly find them selves a long way off shore. Some surf beaches are patrolled for sharks. There is usually a plane or chopper scanning the coast as well as nets and boats. The surf beach i used to holiday on when I was young was known for sharks and the siren would go off regularly and every on would evacuate the water. My sister literally used to run on water when she heard it! LOL

    The navy an white flags show the surfers they must be outside the flag, as you can imagine having a surf board barreling down on you can be quite dangerous.

    You know Andy, Aussies will use any excuse to have a public holiday. It is a great day though, Australian flags every where and people celebrating with festivals and events lots of BBQ,music, beer and wine.

    Now I just checked out your logo and I'm 100% with you!!!! That is horrible, I don't mind it so much when its in the union jack colours, it kind of looks like a crumpled flag, but I understand people not liking it. It doesn't seem very British. I do however like the mascots, I think their cute. I saw the you tube clip explaining their creation, I thought it was lovely.I hate that cringe feeling you get when you know the whole world is watching.

    Fi x

  4. HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY, FI! Enjoy your 'barbie' --it all sounds a lot like our 'Independence Day' on July 4. Your beach photos are awesome...(I'll have to snap a few in Honolulu for you). --John -x-

    1. Hey Darli'n,

      It is a lot like your Independence day. I often think Australia and the US have a lot of similarities.

      I expect to see some of those pics when you come back!!

      ML Fi xx

  5. H.A.D. Honey !
    It all looks a million miles from rainy Surrey :-( I spent Australis Day with relatives in Melbourne a few years ago and it was great fun. Lots of crayfish I seam to remember. I'm pleased you had a good break and I'm more pleased we'll be getting more Mini Posts ;-)
    (Hi Andy, I'm with you - the Olympic mascots are awful!)
    lots of love
    Si -x-

  6. (Australis Day??? That's what you get from having sherry with your cornflakes! xx)

  7. Ahhhhh Si......I just laughed so hard at Australis day!!!!! Australis is a cheep horrible after shave we used to have here so it makes it even funnier!!!!

    Sherry on your cornflakes.....hehehehe!!

    You sneaky dog......I didn't know you have been in my neighbourhood before, I'm glad you had a great time!!

    Fi xx

  8. oh man!! I totally didn't realise exactly where you are, sorry. My geography is shocking to say the least! My Uncle lives in West Brighton, somewhere outside Melbourne LOL. I can't visit anymore as I developed blood clots on my inner ears (lost my hearing in my left ear and its not that good in the right (all very rare aparently)) after a long-hall flight about 5 years ago, so it's good to see the pictures, thanks xx

  9. OMG Si,

    East Brighton is very close to us!! Paul passes it every day on the way to work.

    The pictures are from a different part but after I have done a few more miniature posts i will post some pictures that will look more familiar. We share the same coast line. i wont tell you where i am on this but i will leave you my email.

    That terrible that you had hearing loss as a result of flying, you poor thing. I hope it doesn't cause you too many problems now.

    Ml Fi xx

  10. Email received ;-) x
    As for thears, it was a shock at first (and a royal PITA) but you just have to work round it really. The annoying thing is you can't improve your hearing, unlike eyesight, you can only make what you can hear, louder, not clearer. If you know what I mean. I have hearing aids but they are so frustrating I don't bother with them. Scott loves it though cos it means he get's away with murder when I can't hear what he's talking about LOL xx

  11. Oh Si,

    it must have been a terrible shock. That is not what you expect when you go on holiday. I know what you mean re louder not clearer I guess it's like turning up a radio thats not tuned in properly, really not that great.

    Well at least you can't hear Scott when he goes on a rant, I think thats when selective hearing comes in handy.......... ;)

    Fi xx

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