Thursday, December 29, 2011

Under The Tree

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

Sadly our Christmas took a rather unpleasant turn when my Step Mother (who was hosting Christmas)
fell down the stairs and face planted the tiled floor causing multiple fractures. I spent the afternoon in casualty and my poor Step Mother had facial surgery on boxing day. They put 3 pins in her upper face and wired her upper and lower jaw. I am happy to report that she has made a very good recovery and is now at home.

On a brighter note, Christmas morning was lovely and as a gift to Mia I commissioned Patricia Cabrera from to make replicas of our Dogs Hero and Twiggy. They are divine, an amazing likeness of our Hungarian Vizsla's. I sent Patricia images of our Dogs (sadly Hero the large male died last year) and she captured their personalities perfectly. Hero the strong and loyal guard Dog and Twiggy the playful little female (she's so naughty, but in a cute way, right at the moment she is pushing her nose under my arm trying to get me to take her for a walk). Mia was so delighted and in fact quite emotional seeing them together. I thought it was a lovely way to remember him.

So please do have a look at Tita's blog, it is a sight to behold, her talents are endless, any one looking for Animal or Human figures will not be disappointed. Thank you Tita.....we love them!!

We received a few more goodies of the Miniature kind and I will post pictures soon.

I would also like to say a special thank you to Simon from he made a post about my new blog and without his support I would not have had most of you lovely people join my thank you Si, you are the sweetest blogger in the land!!! xxxx


  1. OMG! I'm so sorry about your step-mom! Glad to hear she is on the mend.

    Oh, your new doggies (--er, I mean Mia's) are so sweet! I can see why she would get choked up. And thanks for the tip about Tita!

    That Simon...he is a peach, isn't he?

    Hope your New Year's festivities are shall we say a little less eventful?

  2. Yes I hope NYE is a bit better too!!

    And your Peach number 2!! I'm going to call you P1 and P2 but that joke may very well go over your head!!!

    We have an Australian Childrens program called Bananas in pyjamas and they are called B1 and B2.

    You should google it! He,He!!

    Fi xx

  3. I too am very sorry to hear about your poor step-mother ......ouch!!!! I hope she makes a speedy recovery!!

    On a brighter note, your dogs look very much at home in your pretty entrace hall.

    I shall take this chance to wish you a very happy new year and look forward to seeing more of your miniature work.

  4. ¡Hola Fiona! sus perros se ven deliciosos!! Me encantan las casas de muñecas con personajes y animales, creo que le dan vida!! lamento muchísimo el accidente de su madrastra, espero que se recure en breve. ¡¡Un abrazo enorme y feliz Fin de año!!

  5. Oh thank you Linda,

    I hope your enjoying the morning sun shine as I am, it's nice to have someone sharing the same time zone!!

    I was only thinking this morning.....I need to get to work on my next phase now that things are settling down.

    Off to the garden for now.

    I hope you had a lovely Christmas,

    ML Fi x

  6. Sorry to hear about your Step Mom, I hope she will recover soon.
    Patricia is a very talented artists and the dogs look fabulous.

  7. Gracias Pedrete por sus buenos deseos.

    Yo también creo que dan vida a las sceen, Mia y yo admireing sus bellas damas, el otro día.

    Buenos deseos para usted y su familia para el nuevo año.

    Fi xx

  8. Hey honey, I'm sorry too about your step Mum, Ihope she's on the mend now.
    LOVE the dogs, they look so real! And you certainly get an idea of their personalities. I'll have a look at Patricia's site in a mo. Looking forward to seeing the other goodies you got.
    No worries about the mention Babe, we're all in it together ;-)

  9. Hi Fiona! What a lovely blog! I'm so glad I found your blog today! :-) I'm looking forward to seeing more of your projects--I love the clean fresh look of what I see here.

    I wanted to personally invite you to my miniatures blog giveaway. It is very romantic and nurturing. Here's the link:


  10. Sending wishes for a speedy recovery for your step mom. The dogs are beautiful!

  11. Thanks for stopping by Jennifer, it's lovely to meet you!

    And thanks for inviting me to join your's gorgeous!

  12. Hi Brae,

    Thanks for your good wishes, i think the dogs are cute too!!


  13. I am so sorry about your MIL fall, I am glad she is better now, I hope she makes a full recovery quickly.

    The dogs are darling, I have been following Tita's blog for quite a while.

  14. Hi Elga,

    She seems to be recovering well thank you.

    I'm glad you like the Dogs, Tita is an incredible talent, I just couldn't resist when I saw her work.

    Fi x

  15. Dear Fi,
    Fisrt of all I am glad to hear that your Step-Mother is on the mend!
    Those dogs are fantastic! They are beautifully posed and make quite a statement in your house. Thank you for posting information about the artist.
    My own dogs, Whippets, reside in miniature in most of my own minis. The mini ones are far less demanding than the real ones don't you think!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Warm Wishes!

  16. Dear Fiona, I am so sorry to hear about your mom in law. i hope she is doing much better by now.
    Ohhh... how wonderful to know about Mia and I want to thank (((you)) again for giving me the opportunity to make your Twiggy and Hero for you and your family. I love your entrance and I can not wait to see your next post.

    I also love your blog name! Hardly believe that it was not taken already!!*grin*

  17. Hi Fi, what a shame, I'm sorry to hear about that. I hope your mother-in-law is well on the mend now, It's a scary thing when people fall on stairs, David's mother had a bad fall down the stairs last year.

    The dogs are lovely, and look quite at home already!

    with love
    Andy xx

  18. Hi Ray,

    I'm glad you like my dogs. I did notice a Whippet in one of the images of your house. They are lovely little dogs, but I agree, the miniature ones are much more well behaved!

    I have to admit, our whole house revolves around Twiggy, she brigs so much joy. Although the other night my 17 year old son was sneaking in at 2 in the morning and she got very serious, barking and showing her teeth, until she realised it was him and she was about to lick him to death. Guardians of the house......thats why I decided to place them in the entrance.

    Now Ray, see what happens when you get me talking about my dogs............ ; )

    Fi x

  19. Hi Tita,

    Thanks for your concern for my Sep Mum, (Ray Too)each day she improves.

    So lovely to see your smiling face. We are so happy with them, you have done such a beautiful job.The funny thing is i loved the lilac collar you put on Twiggy, so I decorated the entrance with the softest of violet, even the rug has a pale violet in it but you cant see her collar in the picture and the light is so strong you can't pick up the colours any way. Morning sun is way too strong......lesson learnt.

    I can't believe it wasn't taken either, I thought of the name a while before I started and was sure it would be taken......

    Ml Fi x

  20. Hi Andy,

    Yes I must say it was quite a shock, it's terrible to see someone you love in such a state, she looked like she'd been in a car accident. I'm only just recovering as she does, she is very strong. I hope Davids Mum is doing okay now.

    I hope you are enjoying your break, are you still down the coast? It would be nice to see some pictures of your old town. I suppose the weathers not conducive for photography?

    Fi x

  21. Hi Fi,
    I'm happy your step mother is doing okay but I'm terribly, terribly sorry it had to happen on Christmas. I hope the new year will be off to a better start. The dogs are beautiful! THey look great in the house.
    All the best to you and your, and I hope your step mother will be well and is not in any pain.

  22. Dear Gaic,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. It was an upsetting thing to happen on Christmas day. She is a very strong lady and I feel quite confident that she will recover well. As far as her pain goes we can almost have a little laugh, she came home on morphine and was for want of a better term was as high as a kite. We all had a bit of a giggle about it, including my step Mum, she was giggling quite a lot.......; )

    ML Fi x

  23. Espero que tu mama se haya recuperado.
    Me encantan esos perritos son adorables.
    besitos ascension

  24. Gracias por visitarnos.
    Creo que los perros son lindos también.

    Mi madre ha recoverd paso muy bien, gracias, sino que ahora usa el ascensor insted de las escaleras.