Thursday, December 22, 2011


  1. Your house is beautiful. Your flagstones are the most realistic I've ever seen, good work.

  2. Hi Keli,

    Thank you for your complement. They did take some time, I layered them with several different colours to get the effect, sadly though I haven't captured them that well in the photo. Perhaps I will try again.

    You know Cerulean Blue is my favourite to paint with........

    Fi x

  3. Fi, no one else can see any problems with your house or blog, I am sure of it, they look perfect to me! My house is full of little things I'm not happy with, and they gnaw away at me, fill you with felings that I'm not very good, but hey! it's only a hobby and so what if things aren't perfect, I know I've had fun doing things and have learned a lot from my mistakes too. So relax, don't worry, from what I have read on the comments so far, we all love what you've done!!

    I want to see more too!!

    The kitchen looks great so far, when's the AGA going in?

  4. Thanks so much Andy, that is reassuring.

    Your all so cleaver and I had a little panic attack, I think it's typical of me, I do the exact same thing when I have an exhibition, I paint away then drop them at the gallery and think OMG what was I thinking!!!

    All part of the nerves I think. I will settle in soon, your comments help a lot.

    Oh and the AGA is in there, just down the other end, I haven't done the tiles on the wall or the painting yet. I stopped because Father Christmas is bringing something for the Hall so I wanted to get that done first.

    Thanks so much for all your comments Andy, it means the world.

    Fi xx

  5. I love the flagstones too, I came upon your blog by accident and now I'm a follower. I do hope you share more photos I think your house is lovely :)

    Marisa :)