Thursday, December 22, 2011


    Great attention to detail, Fi, good job! The wall colour in the hall is perfect and I love the desk arrangement too. Nice job shooting the view through the doorways.
    Keep 'em coming...

  2. Oh Thanks Si,

    I'm so excited to have you as my first commenter.......

    So many things I have forgotten to mention but you know me i will babble on forever if you let me!!

    i guess it will all come out in time. I love your Christmas post, you fooled me with your Christmas wreath, james looks so happy there!!

    Thanks again Si'

    ML Fi x

  3. Your house looks beautiful and the pictures are soooo nice!

  4. Se ve todo precioso, Fiona, el suelo, el color de la pared, las botas de montar, los narcisos... es todo muy elegante y acogedor!! Enhorabuena!!

  5. Thank you Lara,

    As I have mentioned before, you have the same lantern hanging in your hallway as do but I realised i haven't shown it in the image.

    I haven't worked out how to add other blogs on the side panel but for any one reading, Lara has a lovely desk for a give away at the moment and if you care to visit her blog here is her address

    Fi x

  6. Muchísimas gracias Pedrete,

    es decir, alta complementa procedentes de usted. No cabe duda en algún momento voy a buscar un bello tema de usted... quizás incluso uno de sus bellas damas. Fi xx

  7. You're off to a great start. I like the views through the doorways too.

  8. Thanks Irene,

    you know I love a sneak peak....... ; )

    Fi x

  9. Hi, Fi!

    I am so thrilled you got your blog going... It's blog-tastic! Wow! I am really impressed with your first photographs. Your house has such an airy, inviting quality --it's very cheerful and I would bet it reflects your RL home? All the little touches like the boots (Which are a work of art in their own right) and the GLT (gorgeous little things) on the table make it look so home-y. Your wonderful paintings are perfectly lovely, I think they should stay! They make me want to paint again. And the flagstones! OMG, they are sheer perfection! Personally, I love a stair with painted balustrades and a stained banister.

    I am so looking forward to seeing more, more, more!

    Wishing you and your family the very Merriest of Christmas' and the happiest, healthiest and most prosperous New Year, EV-AH! XXOO

  10. Hi John,

    You have made my day!! Thank you so much for your beautiful comment, It means so much given your high standards.

    As you would imagine I didn't sleep to well the night before I posted it, worrying about what you all would think.

    I love the GLT "s as well, I have noticed over the months of reading peoples blogs that the women tend to focus on the GLT and making it homey and the men are all about excellence in architecture.

    I was happy with the flagstones too but I realised after I did them that my House was really American Georgian and possibly set in South Carolina I should have had boards in stead of stone.......oh well?

    I will talk more about the setting later which will explain why I chose those particular GLT"s.

    There are a couple of things that father Christmas might bring that I plan to put in there so I will explain then.

    I wish you and Glen and all of your family a wonderful Christmas and New Year and I hope you can sit back now with a glass of Champers and relax after your manic season.

    Thanks again, John your a darling!

    ML Fi xxxx

  11. I'm late in joining the party I see! Wow! Love the hall, love the flagstones, your painting s are 'beaut!' (see all those teenage years watching Aussie soaps did rub off!)The desk is perfect and the GLTs do finish it off perfectly. clever camera angles too, you great artist you!!

    Don't see any pineapples yet though! ;)

  12. "Orrite then Gov?"

    Two can play at that game..........I saw the odd episode of East enders...hehe,

    Thanks Andy your praise means a lot to me, if only you'd seen me trying to get those shots through the better in my head, when i tried to get a view through the lens I had a job to fit my head and the camera/lens in the next room and nearly got stuck.....what a ridiculous sight that would have been, I had to shoot it free hand.

    Oh and don't worry Andy, the Pineapples are coming soon!!

    ML Fi x

  13. Hi Fiona,
    I have just found your blog and all is very familiar. I know it is crazy but I drove past the store in Camberwell and looked the other way as I felt I just could not acquire another thing for my miniature house.
    We live in Tsawwassen - just 23K from Vancouver BC Canada and are often travelling in Australia.
    It will be fun to follow your musings. Love the boots!!

  14. Hi Janine,

    Nice to meet you!

    I just looked at your blog and see that you have been travelling in Australia. I hope you enjoyed your stay? Miniatures are few and far between here but we do the best we can.I have to travel an hour to get there.

    Keep in touch,

    fi xx

  15. Fi, your house is very impressive. In fact, at first I wondered if it was the actual house in which you are living, so realistic does it look. Then I wondered if you had drunk the Alice in Wonderland "Drink Me" juice and moved into the model. Just think, if we had a bottle of that, Andy and I would be Lords of his Georgian Manor by now. Hmm...your invisible inhabitant seems to enjoy riding, and has obviously just got in from an invigorating gallop, before rushing upstairs for a lie down (at least, that's what I would have done). Don't you need a doormat? I'm rather worried about mud on that lovely carpet!

  16. Hello David,

    It's so nice to have you here!

    How perfect (but not so surprising) you mentioned Alice in wonderland, not only was it my most favourite childhood stories but I do sooo often wish I could have some "Drink Me" juice and shrink down into some of these beautiful Miniature houses.

    As for my inhabitant and her boots you would not be able to see the doormat, as it is of course, out side the house and I have photographed the inside........ ; ) You have however David got me thinking (as you tend to do) perhaps I need to dirty up her boots? But then I thought, David is an Englishman and of course would assume there would be mud but I myself would assume dust being an Australian. Now considering I think my DH may be set in South Carolina, where does that leave us David?????

    Love hearing your comment!

    Fi xx

  17. Ah Fi, it doesn't matter, dust or mud, all you need is a miniature Henry Vacuum, or with the dogs now settling in a Miele Cat and Dog Vacuum. Then you could hoover stripes in the rug like David does here!!

    Oh, and if David does shrink down after too much Drink Me juice, he'd staying over the shop at Buxton's, not in my Georgian House!! ;)

  18. He,He,

    Andy, i just googled Henry Vacuum, I had never heard of one.... so cute!!I think Twiggy would be even more inclined to chase the vacuum around!!

    You two are too funny..... Speaking of David, I am up late as i couldn't sleep, it is very windy and I have Hay Fever, I thought of him as i came down the stairs as it is a full moon!!! (probably really why I couldn't sleep) It is shining so bright it almost seems daylight, the moon is reflecting on the water so much its completely silver, I thought this would be a perfect vampire setting, oooo, I just got a shiver, Hmmmm maybe it needs to be more still and misty???

    And I would be sending David into his Transylvanian Castle if he behaves badly! Not that I can imagine he ever would...... ; )

    Fi x

  19. Oh Fi, if only you knew!! lol!

    David has a mini Henry to hoover up crumbs from the table! A joke Christmas present from me a few years back.

    It seems odd to talk of Hay fever in January, I forget you are in high summer there!

    The moon sounds lovely, shining off the water, beautiful. Hope you get some sleep soon!