Thursday, December 22, 2011

Welcome to my Blog


I would like to welcome you to my Blog. Firstly I would like to explain that I am a complete novice in Blogging so please bare with me as I fumble through, the likely hood of mishaps is fairly high.

I guess I should start by mentioning that this is my first endeavour into Miniatures. Three years ago I bought a Doll house for my Daughter Mia, as it was something I had always wished for as a little Girl and I thought it would be a an interest we could share. We bought some furniture that was appropriate for her age at the time and as we began to do so the world of Miniatures opened up and we discovered the endless possibilities of collecting and creating. As Mia has Grown and matured her expectations have also. I was set the task of lighting the house. In June 2011 I began, and as I explored the internet for explanations, my interest grew more intensely until I found I was absolutely passionate about miniatures.

I will talk more about the details of our house but before I do I would like to acknowledge the inspiration I have gained from other Miniature Bloggers, there are so many talented people I have learned from and developed friendships with.

Lind Carswell from Une Petite Folie: Petite Maison is the first I would like to mention as Linda was the first person in the Miniature world I contacted and she has been so willing to give help and direction. Lina's blog and her Dollhouse "La Petite Masion" shows perfect attention to detail and stunning elegance and will always be an inspiration to me. Thank you Linda.

Lea Frisoni from Un Jour à la Campagne - Atelier de Léa  I have Lea's book and it has completely opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of creation in Miniature. In Lea's beautifully designed and illustrated book she sets an incredible standard.

There are two very talented ladies I have been inspired by and could only aspire to the quality of their work and that is Josje from A Beautiful World   and Deb from petit. Their tutorials are so helpful and the work is Devine.

 I must mention my two favourite Gemini boys. John from Merriman Park must be the funniest Blogger in the Miniature world, his writing is fantastic and has me laughing in every post, not to mention his fabulous house Merriman Park where he never  ceases to amaze me with his level of ability.

Simon from Miniature Enthusiast is the sweetest blogger I know that has amazing vision and ability to transform a flat pack into a the stunning structure of "clarence Place" overnight, his exquisite taste has been known to fool the eye into thinking his miniatures where real life.

There are a few others I would like to mention that have wonderful blogs that I check in on and that is  Irene from Hambleton Hall  Flora la casa delle bambole di flora and Giac from Late Victorian English Manor Dollhouse: 1/12 Miniature from Scratch all wonderfully inspirational.

And last but by NO means least Andy from dollshouses and miniatures. Not only does Andy have a beautiful Georgian Doll house that is a perfect example of the Georgian period he is an absolute wealth of knowledge on the History of the time and is so willing to help with any information. He has been a constant source of inspiration for me with endless images and explanations as to how the Georgians lived. Not to mention his extensive knowledge on Scandinavian Pineapples and  Sponge Bob!!
Thank you Andy for suggesting I start this blog,you are a great support, it has taken a while to build up the courage to do it, as you are all sooo talented, but I guess I had to do it so I didn't keep taking up so much room on your blogs with all my babble, I will have a place all my own to babble.

I will now attempt to post this and then some photos of the entrance to our house. It is the first and only room I have completed thus far although there are some items that are temporary until I have made others to replace them. I will explain in my next post shortly.


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  2. (Sorry hon, I re-read my last comment and the spelling was horrific! So I'm starting again. Trust me to mess up your first comment!!)

    Fi Honey, it's fantastic! I love the blue colour to your Blog (mine is a total write off at the moment as you know). Your pictures look SO life-like with all your attention to detail. WELL DONE to you for getting it up and running, it was well worth the wait.
    Here's to many more Posts...
    Much love

  3. Thanks si,

    i went with the blue because it represents the colours of my area, as i have said in the past I intend to add posts about where i live.
    Thanks again,

    Fi x

  4. ¡¡Bienvenida al maravilloso mundo de Blogger!! Estoy seguro de que vamos a disfrutar mucho viendo tu casa de muñecas!! Un abrazo enorme y Felices Fiestas!!

  5. Gracias, muchísimas gracias Pedrete, estoy tan feliz con su presencia! Fi x

  6. Fi, I am so excited for you! Yay! T(hank you for the lovely comments). I have to dash off to work, but your house is lovely! Your blog will undoubtedly bring a whole new perspective to the table. Your photos are so fresh they make me want to run down to the beach --except OUR beach is dusted with snow and the lake is freezing over!

    Good for you, doll!!!

  7. Thanks lovey........

    I worry about you in the snow and the cold........

    I could never match the standard you manage, I can only watch and learn...your a marvel.

    I have tried to go for a fresh approach because it reflects where I am. I hope you may have some guidance for me later regarding the architecture but I will get to that later.

    Oh and the banner image was taken at my local beach, the colour was more intense but i washed it out to make it fit.

    thanks john,

    Much love Fi xx

  8. Hey there Fi,
    just popping in to say 'Hi' and welcome to Blogdom =0)

  9. Hello Fi,

    Good to see you blogging at last. I'm looking forward to following your progress.

  10. Hi Pepper,

    It's great to meet you. I just popped over to look at your blog.......your a very cleave lady. I will certainly be checking in on your tutorials as I plan to make a few things my self.


    Hi Irene,

    It's good to see you here. I am really looking forward to seeing more of your new project.

    Fi x

  11. Ah, here at last! and worth the wait! I can't wait to hear more about the area where you live, and see the dolls house you've been working on! Thanks for the kind words and high praise!

    I love the title picture, it looks so fresh and is very nicely displayed, have you been getting tips from John?!

    Now I'm going to take a look at you fab house!

  12. Hi Andy,
    Hooray your here!! I thought you must have been tied up with all that Christmas rush at JL!!

    I just have to tell you Andy, that as I am typing my son is passing me one of my MIL's mince pies.......Yum!!

    I have some plans after Christmas to post about my area, the banner image i took from one of the boat sheds on my local beach with the crockery from my mini Kitchen.

    I could defiantly learn a thing or two from John but John and I share the same career back ground. I was a visual Merchandiser ( display) before I became an Artist.

    Thanks for your words of encouragement Andy.

    Fi xx

  13. Hello Fiona, just found your blog through Simon's post. Wonderful to see you blogging so we get a chance to see you doll house. I really like what I see so far. The entrance hall looks great, I love the stone floor! Is it real stone or did you make it?
    I feel quite honoured to see that you mention me as being one of the people who have inspired you, and I am happy you find my (sparse) tutorials helpful!

    I look forward to following the progrees of your doll house.
    ~♥Happy Christmas♥~ to you and your family Fiona!

  14. Hi Josje,

    Thank you for joining my blog it really is an honour, I do love your Doll House it is the perfect balance of authenticity, warmth and charm.

    As for your tutorials, I loved the fabric printing one, I haven't used it yet but I plan to have a go as i progress through the rooms. My daughter and i had fun trying out the chenille christmas trees but I ran out of time to photograph them. So thank you Josje.

    The flag stones I made from Balsa wood. I cut all the shapes then sanded them slightly irregularly, then I pounded them with a stiff brush, that way when the first coat of paint which was darker sunk into the little wholes and as i did the subsequent coats a lighter colour a little of the darker showed through.Perhaps I will take some closer photos.

    Thank you again Josje for joining my blog.

    A Happy Prosperous and safe New Year to you and your family.

    Fi xx

  15. Hi Fi, your friend Simon showed me in the right direction. How great you start blogging & welcome into this marvelous world. I love your postings so far, especially your pictures and the way you let us see through doors and other peek-throughs (don't know if that word exists, but I'm sure you understand).

    I'm humbled and happy you mentioned me as one of your inspirations. No doubt you will discover many more and soon you'll have many great friends in this virtual world.


  16. Hi Debora,

    Well what an honour it is to have you here, for so long I have looked to your blog for inspiration. Your talents are endless. I have in fact shown many of your post to my Father and Brother who have both had careers working with wood, although not the delicate type of work you create.We are all very impressed.

    I am so glad you like the peek - throughs and I think that it is the perfect term for them.

    Thank you again for joining. Six months ago I would never have believed how much enjoyment I have from meeting all the lovely people in this virtual world.

    Fi xx

  17. Really beautiful photographs Fiona. I like your style! And your workspace is like a showroom! And the dollshouse in the skip was so sad!
    Ha. If only people could see the chaos of my workspace! Mines in my bedroom! :D My workspace looks like that skip actually :D

    P.s. You look a bit like Charlize Theron!! I bet you get that all the time :D