Monday, July 23, 2012

Mirror, Mirror.

Hello every one,

Firstly I would like to welcome all my new followers, I know not every one likes to comment but it's lovely to know that people are looking and I very much appreciate anyone joining my blog, so a big hello and thank you to anyone that I haven't greeted yet!

Here are some of my latest purchases from the Fair. This lovely mirror came from Christmas every day who had a stall on the day, I'm not exactly sure where I will put this but perhaps in the Drawing room or maybe even the hall. I'm really not sure but I had in mind for a while I wanted a mirror in this style and as I said last post I have learn't to get something when you see it.

I also had in mind for some time, to have a potted palm in Ambrosia Place as I believe it was quite the style for the era and the climate and I think a little bit of greenery always adds some freshness.I don't have a firm idea of where I will place this either but it seems to look nice in most of the rooms. These beautifully detailed plants were hand made by a lovely Lady named Dianne from To Die For Miniatures who does not have a website either......I guess this is why we go to Fairs so we can get hold of otherwise unobtainable hand made miniatures. She makes quite a range of beautiful plants and flowers but I do have a budget I must stick to......however when I saw these lovely little geraniums I couldn't walk past as my mother had a thing for white geraniums to the point where she often had pots of them by the window in her kitchen and she also did a very beautiful painting of white geraniums in a mossy pot that hung in our family room. I plan to paint a little moss on this pot also and I know exactly where it belongs!

The last little things I want to show you are tucked away under the table in the first image, they are biscuit tins that I thought were very necessary for a kitchen, I'm not sure if you can see them there but I forgot to take a proper picture of them.

Next post I will show you some lovely little things I recived in the mail that came all the way from Italy and I just love them!!! I haven't photographed them yet but will do so this week.

Happy minis to you all!!

ML Fi xx


  1. Those plants look so realistic Fi. I love to see them in a room. You bought some lovely items at the fair.

    1. Thanks you my lovely, good to see your smiling face!

      Hugs, Fi x

  2. Great shgopping Fi! The plants are beautiful, there's always room for a little palm like that. But that mirror, oh! it is just gorgeous! You don't happen to know who made it do you?

    1. Hi Josje,

      I'm glad you like my plants but I'm sorry to say I can't remember the maker of the mirror, I looked on their website before I made the post but it wasn't on there. Silly me was too impatient to play and I through away the package it came in.

      Ml fi x

  3. Very good shopping. The mirror is very beautiful. The plants are lovely.
    Enjoy your new treasures.
    Hugs, Drora

  4. Hello Fi!
    Lovely "Fair Finds" indeed! I'm with Josje, that mirror is gorgeous as are the plants and other goodies. You are so right to get things when you see them. I regret not stretching to acquire some things over the years from artists who have retired or passed........
    Look forward to seeing more!
    Good wishes from Ray x

    1. Thanks Ray, so glad you like my little goodies. I have tried to stick to buying the things for the room I'm working on but there always comes that time when you think bother, I wish I had got that mirror at the time because i can't find one when i need it!

      Hugs, fi x

  5. Hi, Fi!

    The plants look so realistic the way you photographed them --great job! That mirror is outstanding! No doubt it will enliven any spot you place it. Have a great week,

    --John XO

    1. Thanks my lovely,

      you know half the fun for me is taking the photos!!

      Ml fi xx

  6. Hi Fi,

    I love mirrors in real homes and lots of them in dollhouses. That mirror is gorgeous!

    I also think that plants add something to the rooms. You found very realistic -looking plants.

    Lots of good finds!

    1. Thanks iris, it's always good to hear from you!

      ML fi xx

  7. Hi Fi,

    The mirror is very elegant, it's a lovely shaped frame; I love it! It will brighten up which ever room you hang it in! looks great with the palm too.

    The plants are great, I have been searching for a white geranium myself, shame they don't have a website! yours looks lovely, will be perfect on the kitchen window sill.

    I can see the biscuit tins too, a square one and a round one, under the table. There's a Peake Frean's Pat-A-Cake tin in Buxtons!!!!

    Ah! the miniatures that have escaped my clutches!! Stil it will make you want to go back again next time, trust me!!

    1. Thanks Andy,

      I always love the mirrors you choose so I have to admit i am influenced by your taste!

      You know if you really like the geraniums I can probably get hold of some for you, just let me know if you wan't some. They came in red and pink as well. I was very tempted to get the red at the time.

      You do have a keen eye Andy and obviously quite familiar with the Pat -A - Cake tin!!

      Oh I can't wait for the next fair!!

      Ml fi x

  8. Bellissime miniature!!! Bravissima!!!
    Un bacio

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by.

      Hugs Fi x

  9. Hi Fi,
    Oh well done! You certainly have a wonderful eye. The mirror is gorgeous! What a wonderful timeless piece! It's just lovely. And I love the plants. From the pictures they look VERY real and perfectly detailed. You really chose wonderful pieces Fi. I can't wait to see more rooms of Ambrosia Place. Not only do you have wonderfule pieces, but from what I've seen you are very talented at creating spaces....oh, and those tins are perfect!.
    A big hug my friend,

  10. Hi Giac,

    You always say such lovely things, and it always lifts my spirits. I'm so glad you like them and I am very happy with my plants. It is hard to find realistic ones, I worry about such delicate things traveling over seas so I was glad to find some close to home.

    Big hugs and much love, Fi xx

  11. Hi Fi! Sorry I'm so late to comment here... but I must say you scored at that Fair!!! The Mirror is DIVINE!!! And the Palm is Perfect for Ambrosia Place! There is Something so Mysteriously Exotic about potted palms.... and I suspect that is going to be some of the feeling you create in your house!

    1. Hi Betsy,
      your comments are appreciated anytime you find your way here! I think you have defined the feeling of Ambrosia place I am looking for.

      ML Fi xx

  12. Fi, I will definitely be moving into Ambrosia Place. I have, in fact, already purchased a six months lease from your agent. Has he told you yet? I do like the mirror. When I was in Germany last I nearly bought a full size version of it (or something very like) but was persuaded to resist as it would have meant carting it home round my neck, there was so much other luggage. The potted palm is extremely convincing. I've always had a "thing" about conservatories and palms (see my post on Kew Gardens!). I've been, as predicted, mowing and weeding this morning, but finished it all before a torrential downpour. This morning I un-expectedly found myself so overwhelmed with emotion over a poem which I was reading out over breakfast (people are very long suffering here) that I could hardly finish my little recital. It really affected me (being about what we've been discussing re. plants). It's Charlotte Mew's amazing "The Trees Are Down."

    The Trees Are Down

    - and he cried with a loud voice: Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees -


    They are cutting down the great plane-trees at the end of
    the gardens.
    For days there has been the grate of the saw, the swish of
    the branches as they fall,
    The crash of the trunks, the rustle of trodden leaves,
    With the 'Whoops' and the 'Whoa', the loud common talk,
    the loud common laughs of the men, above it all.

    I remember one evening of a long past Spring
    Turning in at a gate, getting out of a cart, and finding
    a large dead rat in the mud of the drive.
    I remember thinking: alive or dead, a rat was a
    god-forsaken thing,
    But at least, in May, that even a rat should be alive.

    The week's work here is as good as done. There is just
    one bough
    On the roped bole, in the fine grey rain,
    Green and high
    And lonely against the sky.
    (Down now! -)
    And but for that,
    If an old dead rat
    Did once, for a moment, unmake the Spring, I might never
    have thought of him again.

    It is not for a moment the Spring is unmade to-day;
    These were great trees, it was in them from root to stem:
    When the men with the 'Whoops' and the 'Whoas' have carted
    the whole of the whispering loveliness away
    Half the Spring, for me, will have gone with them.

    It is going now, and my heart has been struck with the
    hearts of the planes;
    Half my life it has beat with these, in the sun, in the rains,
    In the March wind, the May breeze,
    In the great gales that came over to them across the roofs from the great seas.
    There was only a quiet rain when they were dying;
    They must have heard the sparrows flying,
    And the small creeping creatures in the earth where they were lying -
    But I, all day, I heard an angel crying:
    'Hurt not the trees.'

  13. David,
    I am already well acquainted with your post on Kew gardens as I too have a fascination for potted palms and conservatories. I think amAmbrosia Place will do you well, you should know that there is a wicker chair with your name on it right next to the Areca palm.......

    You should also know that you always find the very words to make my heart ache............

  14. Hi Fi! Gorgeous purchases, the plants looks very realistic! Plants are always needed in a house ;). I love this palm in the pot: gorgeous!!
    ML Ilona

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