Friday, August 3, 2012

Vintage shop finds.

Hello every one,

I would like to welcome my new followers, thank you very much for visiting!

Now, I know last post I promised treasures from Italy but I have been a little side tracked. Today I went for a little fossic through the Vintage shop with my friend Sharon and what do you think I found? Firstly, this rather unusual but some what quaint little dollhouse cupboard that is just begging for some love and attention. It is in fact sold but I think it would have made a rather curious project. The fact that the interior doors are some what out of proportion to the windows is intriguing and perhaps suggests a trippy sort of house, this could indeed conjure some interesting decor choices. The lace curtains made me think of Andy instantly as a "what not to do" and believe me they look far more stained with life than they look in the photo! The plastic blue shower curtain material used for the curtains in the other room made me think OMG what were they thinking? Were they expecting rain through the windows? I then reverted into the "this was some ones happy little play house and I shouldn't be mean"kind of thinking, lets not then discuss the not to scale carpet and interesting lino. I think it does however belong to the world of much loved Dollhouses and I would certainly love to bring it back to life but clearly someone else has had the same idea!!

Now this next house is for sale at a fairly reasonable price and is actually an Architects model. I am not sure of the scale, but it does look like it could be 1/12th as I didn't have my tape measure. What do you think? Is this something I could work with, it seems a shame to let it go? It's hard to work out how to get access, it's possibly something that is a little beyond my experience, so I thought best to refer to the I crazy to entertain the idea????

I'd love to hear your thoughts!!

Happy minis,

Ml fi xx


  1. Hello Fi!
    Aren't Vintage Shops fun! You never know what you might find and unfortunately I usually don't leave empty handed.
    Those blue plastic curtains are DEVINE and look just like the ones I do:-) Love them!
    Go for the Architects is wonderful and so ready for you to do some magic to. You could remove an outer wall here and there and make it your own.
    ML from Ray x

  2. The dollhouse cupboard is very interesting.
    The second house is amazing! It is a wonderful project. ;)

  3. Hi Fi,

    Oh, do get the architectual model! It offers many possibilities and you never know what you can accomplish until you try! You are very talented and will do well with it.

    The other house looks as if it was much loved and fun for some child.


  4. Oh Honey
    Go for it!! I'm always keeping an eye out for a little vintage find, so grab the oppertunity. I'm sure between all of us we'd work out where the access would be. It looks like it just waiting for someone to love it!
    (Hope this comment appears as I have been commenting on your last Posts but I couldn't publish them :-( )

  5. I think you'll have a lot of fun working on the cupboard house, I'm sure it's been well loved just as it is but it has so much potential to be so much more.

    The architectural model looks very interesting, I'd definitely go for it! You can always put it on ebay to move it on if you decide later that it's 'not for you'.

  6. Snap that house up, Fi! You could access the interior by strategically cutting away some of the walls. This would be a great rustic retreat!

  7. The next house is so fun!
    Very interesting, I think so too.
    I'd definitely go for it!
    My imagination is running and I see a house of al wood and little chairs in there, from the 60's.
    Beatles lp's.
    Or a house where is built on.
    You can make a work situation around the House with tools and building materials.
    But that it remains uninhabitable,so you can let the House as much as possible in it's current state and thereby preserve the value of it's vintage style.

    You will find a way with it, not for now but for later on.
    In the meantime, you can enjoy the House as it is.

  8. Alexandra,

    You have such a creative mind, I was thinking a house in the 60's, it looks like that to me too, a Retro house would be perfect.

    I love your idea of making it a building site too, i instantly thought of your little seen with the ladder tool, how perfect that would be and quite a conversation opener.

    Great to hear from you.

    Fi xx

  9. My choice??? The second one!!! It has so many possiblities for a project. It is like Alexandra said: a building place is an splendid idea, but you also can make it like it is almost finished. People are already living in it, while the builders of this house are still around with tools etc. :D!
    ML Ilona

  10. I really think this architect's model looks to good to get away, though I suppose it depends how detachable the various parts of it are. It looks very solidly built. Perhaps it might make a nice orangery for Ambrosia Place - or an elaborate greenhouse (a la Kew Gardens!) for the potted palms!!! That prospect really excites me! Think of the fun you could have making (or finding) exotic plants - and it would give you the perfect excuse to incorporate a pair of muddy wellingtons/gumboots like the ones in Andy's pub (I don't think those particular boots were made for walking, however....)

    D xx

    1. Hi David,

      You know I went back and had a look at it yesterday and it is very solidly built. I thought I might be able to remove the roof but its glued and nailed on. The best I could do is remove a wall and I.m trying to imagine getting my hand in there and laying floor boards. I think if I got it it would have to be as you said, a green house or Alexandra suggested making it a building site with tool etc... The trouble is I started thinking about where I'd put the furniture and now I really want it!

      Fi xx

  11. Hi Fi,
    WOW! What beautiful come all i ever find is rubbish! They are both wodnerful. In my opinion, knowing what you're capabale of, I think you could tranform both of them and give them a wonderful new breath of life. They are both wonderful starting points and with your attention to detail and wanting to get things just so, you're just what the dollhouse doctor ordered!
    Big hugs,

    1. HaHa, yes I feel like I should be the Dollhouse doctor, I looked at it yesterday and all sorts of ideas came flooding into my head!! It seems to good a find it let it go, I knew I was in trouble when I started working out where I'd put the furniture!

      Big Hugs, Fi xx

  12. Hi Fi, I hope you snapped up the second of the two houses!!

    The cupboard houe is a great idea, someone will have a lot of fun with that. I think the earliest dolls houses were built into cupboards in a similar way, so it has a historic precedent! It could certainly do with some TLC, but I think its quite charming as it is. Actually I can think of many times when wipe-clean curtains would have been useful, but perhaps we shouldn't wonder too far down that path!!

    The second house would be an interesting object in itself, no need to do anything to it, but I thing by removing some panels it would be easily converted into a dolls house. Perhaps an early Austrailian house project?

    Andy xxxx

  13. Hi Andy,

    It's nice to have you back!! I plan to email you soon.

    I went to look at again yesterday, it's going to be difficult finding access, but I just love it! I have worked out were every thing should go, and your right, it's so early Australian, I could do as Alexandra suggested and have it as a retro house, it could be so cool. I just don't want to buy the thing and not be able to work with it. I just don't have much room for it and Paul would kill me if stuck it in the shed.

    Mia is so excited about her DH shop she has plans for us to buy a new house that has a room dedicated to Dollhouses!!!

    Much love, Fi xx

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