Thursday, August 9, 2012

Treasures from Italy

Hello everyone,

I have finally photographed my little treasures from Italy and it was not easy let me tell you. The detail was so tiny I found it difficult to get in focus. I have purchased some divine little books from the lovely Caterina from le minis di Cockerina please click Here to find her blog. When I saw the little book of Pinocchio she had made with the lovely explanation of the original Italian version and how it had been changed for the Walt Disney animation I felt I had to have it. The book comes with the original illustrations and text (not that i can read it its so small ) some of the illustrations are in colour too and it also has a removable sleve. It is beyond my imagination how anyone can work with such small pieces of paper. Pinocchio is a story I was so fascinated by as a little girl and spent many hours studying the images of the story book I had at home. Whilst in Sienna a few years ago I found this little ceramic Pinocchio I had to have.

 I also purchased a little copy of Little Women which was a favourite of mine many years ago. It to has been made in beautiful detail with divine illustrations in side. I thought it was a must for the twins bedroom as something they might read when a bit more grown up.

I must thank Caterina for her beautiful work, I have looked on her blog again today and already I have seen books I would love to buy......such a talented Lady.

This is not painted by me but taken from a Citrus website click Here to go there.

Now my next important news is that my darling little girl (not so little any more) has decided to get started on her miniature shop and has started a bog of her own to show her progress and to also get some very experienced advice from you talented Miniaturists out there. Her blog is called Mini Citrus as every thing she names must have a link to fruit, ha! Maybe because she is a bit of a 'Fruit loop' like her mother!! Any way here is the link and I would love it if you would take a look. Click Here for Princess Mia Orange lemon............

Happy Minis,

ML Fi xx


  1. You have great taste, Fi.P.! I bought Caterina's Little Women book recently too, and I just posted about it this morning. Small world, isn't it?! Take care, and now I will go check out your daughter's blog! xo Jennifer

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      haha! Yes, I just had a look at your post and your little Women book looks lovely on the night stand.I'm looking forward to putting my books in a seen of my own.
      It's great to hear from you!

      Hugs Fi xx

  2. Son unas compras maravillosas, Fiona. Y el blog de tu hija es una delicia, no me podido resistir y me he hecho seguidor, no quiero perderme los avances de ese tienda.

    ¡Un abrazo enorme desde Sevilla!

    1. Hi Pedrete,

      I'm so glad you like them! And thank you so much for becoming Mia's fist follower, she was so thrilled to find your comment there and she just loves your blog.

      Big Hugs Fi xx

  3. Hola Pedrete, me alegro de que te gusta hacer mis compras y mi blog hijas. Ustedes son una inspiración para todos nosotros.

    Grandes abrazos,

    Fi xxxx

  4. Hello, Fi!

    I can't believe those tiny books! They're incredible --and I was fascinated my Pinochio, too. especially the illustrations where he is being carved out of the log for some reason. OH! And the Blue Fairy, (naturally)! Much luck to your daughter!

    1. Hello my lovely,

      I'm not surprised you loved Pinocchio given your interest in marionettes. I remember a similar illustration and being amazed, I guess it's the transformation. I remember being appalled when Donkey ears appeared on his head. Oh and I loved jiminy cricket too!

      Thanks for joining Mia's blog too!

      Much love, fFi xx

  5. Hi, Fiona!

    I'm so glad you appreciate my mini book Pinocchio, I love making mini books, because I love books in real life, too!
    The difficulty lies not only in working paper objects so small, but look for the text and beautiful images to be played strictly in 1:12 scale ... :)
    Sometimes they go away whole days, but I am doing it with the heart, to get the best product, and make my customers happy!
    Pinocchio's story fascinates everyone, young and old, a very funny story and timeless. I am happy that now my little book is in good hands, even if it is so incredibly far away from .. ha ha!
    very nice also, the Pinocchio ceramic, congratulations on your purchase.
    I joined the blog of your daughter, promise the world of miniaturists, good luck!
    Finally, I borrowed the image of beautiful lemons, I think a nice project, thanks for sharing... and thanks to have put the link to my blog!
    kisses from Italy :))


    1. Hi Caterina,
      Thank you on so many accounts, especially for your good wishes on Mia's blog. I jus adore your little books, they are so authentic and will take pride of place in the bedroom once finished.

      Thank you again, you are a very talented lady!

      Big hugs,

      Fi xx

  6. Hi Fi,
    What fantastic finds. I know I've said it before but you have such an eye for finding perfect, realistic miniatures. I just love the doll and book, even thought I am not a Pinocchio fan in any way, but I just love the doll. I'm a big fan of Little Women and think the book is just great...Ilove the cover.
    Great finds my dear friend. Thanks for telling us about Mia's blog...the shop structure is beautiful and I can't wait to see her transform it...I know she'll have a great guide on her way.
    Big hug dear Fi,

    1. Hi Gaic,

      I'm so glad you like my finds. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit Mia's blog. Your always such a sweet heart!

      Big hugs, Fi xx

  7. Hi Fi,
    What beautiful little books! I now have to look up the "real" story of Pinocchio!
    I joined your daughter's blog and look forward to seeing her progress.
    P.S. You take gorgeous photographs.

    1. Hi Iris,

      Thanks so much for helping Mia out, you have such great experience, it's very valuable.

      Hugs, Fi xx

  8. I love your Pinocchio, he is just beautiful! And I still love all the children's classics like Heidi, Black Beauty, Anne of Green Gables and the list goes on and on, your mini books are fantastic.

    1. Ah yes Elga, i think you have given me a few too many ideas!!

      ML fi xx

  9. Hi Fi!! Just found your emailaddress, I mail you this weekend. My emailaddress is under the header of my blog, my friend :D!! I think you were a bit surprised by my post about the magnolia??
    Caterina makes such gorgeous books, I too have some of them. It is incredible so tiny they are. I LOVE that ceramic Pinnochio!! Great find!!
    Now I'll go and check out your daughters blog ;)
    ML Ilona

    1. Dearest Ilona,

      I was truly surprised and honoured!! Thank you so much, I could never have imagined a more beautiful magnolia!!

      Thank you for finding a way to so beautifully show that stunning bloom.

      Big hugs, Fi xx

  10. Hi, Fiona!
    I like your gorgeous treasures.
    Beautiful blog!

    1. Hi Magda,

      I'm glad you like them and thanks so much for stopping by.

      Fi xx

  11. Hi Fi,

    Those books are lovely, great purchases. I love the little Pinnochio doll too, he's very sweet!

    Andy xxx

  12. Hello Fiona! Today I finished reading all the posts in your blog. Even if the translation is not excellent, I understand that you are very funny. We share the same interest in blogs and miniaturists. I also really like the American Colonial House of Mulvany & Rogers. I am happy that a very short piece produced by the industrious hands of a woman of my land, Puglia, has come so far. I shall follow with interest the progress of your daughter. Kisses from Salento.

  13. Hi Blanche,

    thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, Mia and I found yours and we were both delighted with it. Thank you also for your comment, I'm glad the humour translates, reading your message today was just the medicine I bought a smile to my face.


    Fi xx

  14. How on earth do people make such tiny books? I'd quite like to miniaturise my full size library as I've already run out of space. One of my fantasies is to have a proper library with globes and library steps, etc. You'd never be able to get me out of it!!! Your charming little doll looks very excited by having something so beautiful to read and enjoy - and no wonder....!

    David x

  15. Hi Fi, wow you have wonderful taste in miniatures. Caterina's work is wonderful isn't it! I just love her blog, I have only become friends with her recently through her holiday swap and she is so lovely!! Did you participate in the swap this year as well?
    Where in Australia are you living? I'm in Sydney... Waiting patiently for summer to arrive :D
    I'm off to join your daughters new blog now,
    Hope to hear from you soon!
    Sending hugs,
    Mins xxx

  16. Me encanta tu trabajo. A parte se ser variado es perfecto

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