Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kitchen Sneak Peek

Hello every one,

Yes I know it's been a while since my last post but we have had a bit going on here. However I have managed to squeeze in a a bit of time to have a play and whilst I haven't finished my kitchen I am becoming a lot closer. Thanks to Tyla  from I have come up with a plan for my range hood and the light. I still have to paint the walls and attach the range hood and flue but I thought I would give you a little sneak peek of what I have achieved so far.

I have made the sink cabinet myself with a frame of cedar ( which I painted white, shame, shame I know)
and the top is made of American walnut which I found during my fossic through my specialty wood supplier. I have coated it in a wax finnish that was left over from my own timber floors upstairs. The tiles I have done myself with card stock and then painted them in a gloss finnish. I'm not so happy with the tiles as after I filled the gaps I lost the gloss and am worried about re varnishing them because the varnish might show the imperfect surface. They are not stuck down yet so I have a little time to think before I put in the range. I think they are a little larger than I would have liked but I modelled them to scale from my own tiles in the bathroom so I thought they would be okay. I still have a plate rack to add above the sink. The food was made by Mia with her lovely slender fingers she has done a wonderful job. All the other little GLT's we have collected from "The Doll House " over the last few months including the little working rolling pin which is apparently German, that makes it all the more special, the little miking bowls are hand made from England.......hello Andy, Simon and co......... The flag stones I have mentioned before but for those who have missed previous posts I made them my self with balsa wood and lots of paint and sanding.

Well I hope you like the Kitchen so far.

Happy Mini's every one!

ML Fi xx

P.S As some of you have asked about the sink it's self I realised I forgot to tell you about it. I bought it from Kerri at The Doll House and it is English porcelain (in Australia, anything that is English, French, Germain or Italian makes it all the more special.....;) ) I loved it initially because it was  hand made and quite rustic looking. It did however cause a great deal of problems in getting it to sit straight as it was not! I had to make an opening in the shelf it sits on as the escape for the plug protruded lower than the level of the sink and the sides where not straight so it made measurements difficult. So, we live and learn, hand made charm comes with  complications!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Scandinavian Pineapple


Well as you know Andy I do live in a Scandinavian Pineapple and as I am very much aware  it is your Birthday I have decided to partake in our usual celebration dish of Champagne and Pineapples in honour of this so special occasion. I would however prefer to be partaking this wonderful culinary delight with you in person but I will have to settle for a virtual celebration. I would also like to say that I have enjoyed our friendship over the past 6 months, it has been filled with lots of fun and laughter. Twelve months ago I would never have believed I would enjoy a friend ship online  as much as I do. Have a wonderful day and I hope it's filled with surprises. Love to David and Snowy and I just hope Snowy doesn't eat all the cake!!!!
For anyone who would like to wish Andy a Happy Birthday here is his blog address.

P.S I have just drunk those glasses of Champagne and feel a little bit tipsy, I'd better save the rest for Paul. Oh, and by the way it's a Victorian sparkling wine ( not allowed to call it Champagne) Yarra Burn, the Yarra is the main river that runs through Melbourne but heaven forbid the water for the vines cam from there!!!

Happy Birthday Andy. XXXX

Monday, March 5, 2012

Range light

Hi every one,

Sorry there hasn't been much action going on in the miniature sense, plenty going on at home though. I do however have a few days up my sleeve now as both kids have gone off to camp and whilst I miss them it is lovely and quiet here at the moment.

I am in the throws of finishing my kitchen, the cabinet is made and I'm doing the last little bits. The thing that has stalled me however is the light in the range hood that I have mentioned before. I am worried about the level of heat inside the wood and have two options I can show you.

Firstly here is the Range hood - I must apologise for the unglamorous images.

I have widened the opening of the RH to allow more light to fall onto the stove top.

I then made an opening in the back so I can thread in the bulb.

Next are the two bulbs I can choose from. The first your standard wheat bulb - I am afraid I wont be able to secure it enough to stop it being in contact with the wood fibres inside the RH.  I'm not sure if it was a coincidence but the first bulb I tried blew and I wondered if it got too hot. The other bulb I don't know the name of is brighter and of course hotter but easier to secure to the inside because of the flat plate it has as its base.

Here is a picture of the bulb secured and un able to move whilst inside. I am told these particular bulbs have a long life as it will be difficult to change the bulb if it blows. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Happy minis every one.

ML Fi x