Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Birthday


Like everyone else
I feel the need of relations and friendship,
of affection, of friendly intercourse,
and I am not made of stone or iron,
so I cannot miss these things without feeling,
as does any other intelligent man,
a void and deep need.
I tell you this to let you know
how much good your visit has done me.

Vincent Van Gogh

From one mad Artist to another....... your friendship is invaluable!

Dearest David,

I wish you the Happiest of Birthdays. As you know I am not a writer or poet but I felt that these lines from dear Vincent say more than I can manage. Your friendship has been nothing short of thoughtful, entertaining, educational and some times laugh out loud funny. I am so glad I met you via Andy and although it has not been in person I feel a true friendship has evolved. As I have mentioned before my world would be empty without your wonderful posts.......; )

I have spent the afternoon making a little something in miniature to post for your birthday but sadly by the time I had finished the light had failed and was not worth photographing. I will have to leave it till tomorrow. The image above is from a clip I took this week but sadly it failed to load, it is my local beach where I walk most days and I thought you might enjoy catching a glimpse.

Have a wonderful day David,

Love always, your friend, Fi xx

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Long time, no see???

Hello every one!! Yes long time no see!!

I'm sorry I have been some what absent from the blog world of late, we have had some family issues that have needed some careful attention but rest asured all is well and I will soon be back into the swing of things. I will also be changing a few things on my blog to ensure a little more privacy as I have had some un wanted exposure of a different kind recently ( exposure being the word of interest) and I just want to tighten a few things up. 

I don't really have any progress to report but I wanted to say Hi to you all and after seeing Andy's post where he so sweetly mentioned my kitchen curtains I thought I would show how I did them.

Firstly I measured the space and cut the fabric one and a half times the width then sewed a tiny hem all the way around. I then used a cork board and pinned my piece of fabric to the board in the little pleats I required, trying my best to keep to keep them straight so quite a few pins were required. I then sprayed it with hair spray and quickly used my hair dryer I had ready and dried it off. The curtain was then permanently pleated and as stiff as a board ( and I wont make any relevant jokes to other such things Andy and John.....; ) ) I then glued it to a little piece of card I had with the ends folded in then I glued the board inside the cabinet opening, and bingo there is my little curtain.

The little tea towels and dish cloth I used the same technique but folded them in place as you can see in the above picture. I used the coat hanger so I could get the right sort of fold to hang on the rail on the aga. The dish cloth I wanted to look like it was tossed on the draining board so I used an old towel to shape it on.

So there we have it! No pretty pleater but it does the trick when you don't have one handy!!!


Next I wanted to tell you about my trip to the tip!! John says it's a must tell story. Exciting I know, my domestic duties discussed on my blog and  you may ask why I show you a picture of a pile of rubble but look closely and you will see a very sad little Doll House. Yes, sad, because there it was, sitting there abandoned and who should arrive and see it there but ME, the perfect person to restore it back to life, it was fate I thought. Until the mean attendant said I was not to go beyond the barrier for public safety reasons. That pile of wood was nearly 2 stories high. I said to Paul maybe we could back up the car and I could run and grab it, but he wouldn't have it! There was no way I was bringing home any JUNK from the tip!!! If I was on my own I would have done it!

So even sadder it was that I had to leave it behind.....Austrian Chalet I was thinking. I stewed on it for days!!!  

Well thats all I have for you at the moment folks but I just wanted to let you know I will be back in the swing of things soon!

Much love to you all, Fi xx