Sunday, July 21, 2013

Long time, no speak.

Hello all,

Yes, it has been too long! Over two months since my last post, and what have I been up to you might ask? Painting pictures.....I have had a back log of commissions I needed to get through which have finally been completed. May and June are the months for many family Birthdays (including my own) so there have been quite a few gatherings and parties to organise and we have recently been away for a short break. All that being said, I haven't had the luxury of spare time for Blogging and I fear I have missed so much, my apologies to all my dear blog friends for not keeping up to date with your progress, I will do my best to catch up with you all soon.

I would also like to say a big warm welcome to my new followers, there have been quite a few since my last post and my apologies to you also for not being very interesting of late!

Now to miniatures. Whilst there hasn't been much blogging going on, miniatures have of course been close to my heart, I have actually been more active than you might assume...... would you believe me if I told you that I am in possession of two more Dollhouse's and and extra room box? All true in fact.....I am working on a room box with my 10 year old niece and because she loves miniatures so much (and my Dollhouse) I couldn't help but bid for one on ebay so that we might surprise her on her birthday coming up soon. It needs a bit of love and attention before we give it to her so I will post about that soon.  The other DH is for me.....yes I know, I'm not even half way through Ambrosia Place but it was under a jumble of clothes in a thrift store with a price tag of $40 and I couldn't just leave it there could I??? I am going to keep you in suspense and tell you about it another post as I have  much to show you today and I don't want to take up too much of you time.

Now you may recall some time ago the lovely Liduina had a give away which included her beautiful miniature artwork and I was fortunate enough to be one of the winners. It arrived shortly afterwards and I must say that on opening the delicate package the first word that came into my mind was excuisite. I have tried many times to photograph this beautiful painting and I can not seem to do it justice, the detail is beautiful and I love every tiny brush stroke. It is displayed above with my little kit table in a temporary frame, I intend to find something grander to frame it but for the purpose of showing you how beautifully it works in Ambrosia Place it did the trick. So thank you so much Liduina, it is a piece that will I will always cherish, it adds such a beautiful elegance to Ambrosia Place.

Just over a week ago I received a lovely surprise package in the mail from Andy he clearly had the twins room in mind when finding these beautiful items that fit so perfectly and have special sentimental attachments for me. Above you can see the beautiful saving grace BLUE rug, it does not have the slightest green tinge,(reference to previous post on disappointing green rug) and it works so well with the toning of the room, you can see it more clearly in one of the below photos. Also a  beautifully hand made book of Black Beauty, bound in a blue cover and complete with illustrations (you can see in the top photo) it's just the thing for story time in the big blue chair. Last but by no means least the perfect tub of coloured pencils and ruler, each one calved by hand and painted, I really must take a closer picture of them. Coloured pencils are not only perfect for any children's room but I love the fact that Andy chose them because of my artistic tendencies. They are also very special because one of my earliest memories was receiving a packet of Derwints for my 5th birthday, such a big deal to me even back then. Thank you Andy for thinking of me, not only will I treasure them because they are from you but because they are sentimental to my childhood.

I also received from David in the same package, a collection of his wonderful poems that I have been enjoying immensely along with some of his publications on Wagner. I have been developing a new appreciation for classical music thanks to David. For those of you who aren't aware Dr David Huckvale is an Author and lecturer at Cambridge University and a very talented writer. A special thanks to Iris (David's mother) for the lovely note and postcard of her own amazing work, the Huckvales are obviously a very talented family.

I have finally finished the interior of the Twins room and I am ready to decorate. Yay! This is the fun part for me. As you can see by the above photo the wallpaper,wainscot and cornices are done and let me tell you it was not without mishaps. I love the idea of using card stock to attach everything to before placing it but I had quite a problem with the card bowing after wallpapering with wp paste. I tried every thing to flatten it and finally resorted to spraying the back with water and placing under cling wrap and a ton of books on top, problem solved. Another complication was by my own foolish hand and all I will say is don't ever decide to make a quick adjustment after 2 glasses of wine.....unless of course you want your cut to look like a dogs hind leg....I will leave it at that but needless to say much patching up was required and if I don't tell you you may not notice. Don't ask me what the strange green alien lights are on the wainscot, they are not there in RL but something my camera decided to add.

Finally I will leave you with another shot of the bed time story, this is curtsey of Mia. Whilst she is too busy to work on her shop she still loves to come and have a little play. As I was packing up after photographing she sat beside me and placed Andy's rug and then Twiggy on top and I thought why didn't I think of that?? It looks so perfect, snap. She really gets a lot of enjoyment out of miniatures, she says she just likes to watch me do the work......well nothing new there!!

Just before I sign off I would like to mention the two beautiful little vases that have featured in some of my photos. I will show more detailed pictures another time as they deserve a post of their own but they are made by a lady named Margret Crosswell and sadly she does not have a website. The lamp I purchased from Kerry at The Doll House I think the little bird works so well with the chair, it had to come home with me.

If you have managed to get to the bottom and read every word I thank you for you dedication, it really was an epic but so much to catch up on. Don't be surprised if I make more than one post in a week.

Much Love to you all.

Fiona XXX