Saturday, April 13, 2013

Time for a Change

Hello everyone,

Yes it's time for a Change, I do hope you like the new look. My original idea of the Sea Glass colours on my blog was a reflection of the coastal area that I live. In the beginning I had thoughts of showing you this part of the world but I really didn't do much of that. Most of the photos I load are of Miniatures and I find the images have warm tones which seem to clash with cool colours of my blog. the new look..... which I think compliments my miniatures nicely. I hope it's also a bit of a reflection of the direction I intend to go with Ambrosia Place,  a look I hope will be  Transcendental ( thank you David) and ultimately feminine.

Now to the topic of my post (ha...not miniatures) but something I thought a lot of you may enjoy. The other day I was rummaging through a box of old books in a Vintage shop and I came across this delight. It's Title (which I forgot to photograph) is the House Hold Gas Cookery Book. It is an English book but I'm not sure when It was published....I'm guessing around 1900's given the The clothing in the advertisements. The book has a lot of recipes in it and lots of Tips including Personal Hints like - To make Hair Glossy - Rub it at night and morning with a white silk Handkerchief. One of the most interesting things I find about the book is the constant reference to servants and Masters. I have uploaded some images of various parts I thought you might enjoy. Take note of the Write or Telephone (No. 54 ) I think that suggests there were only 54 telephones in London at the time???

Any are the rest of the photos and Happy Minis every one!!

ML Fi xx

P.S I must mention the Beautiful Miniature Magnolia Grandiflora in my photograph for the banner is the work of the Lovely Ilona, I have left the link to her blog on the right hand side bar.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Kit Success

Hello everyone, 

A big welcome to my new followers, my apologies to you all for being a bit quiet of late. I would like to say a big thank you to all those who left their lovely comments on my last post, I am sorry I didn't get to reply as I normally do. I have been welcoming in the new season by getting busy with my RL house, it was way to hot to do much work inside or out so I have been enjoying the cooler days and sprucing up the place.

As you can see I have had a go at assembling the kits I posted about some weeks ago and I am quite pleased with the results. I chose the easiest ones to do first and I must say following the advice you were all kind enough to leave made a world of difference. Yes Elga, it really does work when you read step it...then proceed to step that..... do it...... and so on and so forth.  Andy, I am so glad you gave me all your tips as it made it all so much more hassle free. Although I did forget to make the holes for the handles before I glued. So instead I glued the brass plates on and then added a little beed for a knob and I think it looks quite nice. You should be able to see them in the photo below although you cant see the brass plated very well.

I replaced the other Hall table I originally had with this one as I think it looks nicer, I prefer the walnut tone you can see how it looked earlier here. I have added the Faux Bronze figure which I purchased from the The Dollhouse although it is a Warwick painted figure. I painted some moss on the pot of the Orchid to make it look a little more authentic and if anyone has any suggestions on what to do about the ugly plug I would most appreciate it. I recall Andy mentioning some no show flat plugs? I left a hole in the wainscot but the plug looks so ghastly. 

This is the candle stand with the lovely little candle and holder Ilona sent me some time ago and on the mat is my lovely Dog Twiggy I had made for Mia by Patricia from Wollytales Miniatures Beside Twiggy stands Hero, her big Uncle who guards Ambrosia place. You can see him in the photo below where I have shown the Kitchen and Hall as they are placed next to each other with the twins room to the right I am currently working on.

Happy minis to you all and thank you for your helpful advice, it has made such a difference!

Much Love, Fi XXX