Saturday, December 22, 2012

Australian Christmas.

Hello all,

As you may have read in my last post I am holiday in Noosa Queensland and I thought I would give you an idea of how we celebrate Christmas here. Certainly no snow and no woollies. Our Christmas dinners are often eaten outside to make the most of the beautiful weather. We do partake in the traditional dinners of Ham and Turkey which can sometimes be a little much when the oven is roasting along with every one else in 35 degree heat. Often we have seafood and BBQ's and it is certainly the more becoming more the norm these days.

Being on Holiday I had very little at hand in the way of miniatures so I made this little post with all that I could gather together. I'm sure you can guess what the Christmas tree originally was.....hehe! I tried my hand at sewing the little Christmas stockings and made the star fish and candy canes from Femo. The baubles are beads from the craft shop.

I must mention the Pineapple.......Something that is often part of a Christmas celebration in all sorts of uses, fruit platters, Salads, glazing hams....the list goes on but I put this in to bring a smile to the face of a certain know who you are.....; )

Merry Christmas to all and I would like to thank you all for your lovely encouraging comments and your warm friendships. It has made an otherwise difficult year bearable knowing you are all out there.

Love and good will to all and  have a wonderful Holiday.

Much Love,

Fi xx

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Time for a cuppa?

Hello every one,

A big sigh of relief as we finaly make it to our Holiday destination and the world stops spinning so fast!!

I am up early as I usual before every one else, it's my favourite time of day, peace and quiet before the days activities. Not much on today except beach and sitting beside the pool so a quick blog catch up is ideal relaxation.  My apologies to all for being so absent from the blogsphere, some how I wound up with both sides of my family for Christmas dinner only 2 days after we arrive home from our holiday which meant I had to leave the house fully prepared for Christmas, not to mention fitting in my son's 18th birthday and getting him through all his final exams before we left.

So needless to say I had a very long list of things to do stuck on my fridge and I managed to get through all of it except for one, which was  Do Kitchen Post. One I was supposed to do early on but I was disappointed with how my photos turned out because I rushed them and I haven't been able to re-photograph them. So I have decided to post just a few for now because I don't have much else and when things slow down I can photograph some of the lovely things I collected for my kitchen and properly link them to all the places they came from.

Here are just a few that will give you a bit of an idea on my progress so far.

My original idea was to go step by step through the kitchen door, as if the lady of the house had arrived back from the market and was about to have breakfast before she prepared for lunch with her friend.....thus the wine, wheel of Brie and baguette in the basket (my favourite with friends). Each step showing the little things I have made and collected. I did make the baguette and found the wine and cheese label on the internet. I made pears and lemons and other goodies and painted some little paintings but unfortunately you can't see them.......I will re photograph when I get back.

Happy minis every one!!

ML Fi xxxx