Thursday, August 9, 2012

Treasures from Italy

Hello everyone,

I have finally photographed my little treasures from Italy and it was not easy let me tell you. The detail was so tiny I found it difficult to get in focus. I have purchased some divine little books from the lovely Caterina from le minis di Cockerina please click Here to find her blog. When I saw the little book of Pinocchio she had made with the lovely explanation of the original Italian version and how it had been changed for the Walt Disney animation I felt I had to have it. The book comes with the original illustrations and text (not that i can read it its so small ) some of the illustrations are in colour too and it also has a removable sleve. It is beyond my imagination how anyone can work with such small pieces of paper. Pinocchio is a story I was so fascinated by as a little girl and spent many hours studying the images of the story book I had at home. Whilst in Sienna a few years ago I found this little ceramic Pinocchio I had to have.

 I also purchased a little copy of Little Women which was a favourite of mine many years ago. It to has been made in beautiful detail with divine illustrations in side. I thought it was a must for the twins bedroom as something they might read when a bit more grown up.

I must thank Caterina for her beautiful work, I have looked on her blog again today and already I have seen books I would love to buy......such a talented Lady.

This is not painted by me but taken from a Citrus website click Here to go there.

Now my next important news is that my darling little girl (not so little any more) has decided to get started on her miniature shop and has started a bog of her own to show her progress and to also get some very experienced advice from you talented Miniaturists out there. Her blog is called Mini Citrus as every thing she names must have a link to fruit, ha! Maybe because she is a bit of a 'Fruit loop' like her mother!! Any way here is the link and I would love it if you would take a look. Click Here for Princess Mia Orange lemon............

Happy Minis,

ML Fi xx

Friday, August 3, 2012

Vintage shop finds.

Hello every one,

I would like to welcome my new followers, thank you very much for visiting!

Now, I know last post I promised treasures from Italy but I have been a little side tracked. Today I went for a little fossic through the Vintage shop with my friend Sharon and what do you think I found? Firstly, this rather unusual but some what quaint little dollhouse cupboard that is just begging for some love and attention. It is in fact sold but I think it would have made a rather curious project. The fact that the interior doors are some what out of proportion to the windows is intriguing and perhaps suggests a trippy sort of house, this could indeed conjure some interesting decor choices. The lace curtains made me think of Andy instantly as a "what not to do" and believe me they look far more stained with life than they look in the photo! The plastic blue shower curtain material used for the curtains in the other room made me think OMG what were they thinking? Were they expecting rain through the windows? I then reverted into the "this was some ones happy little play house and I shouldn't be mean"kind of thinking, lets not then discuss the not to scale carpet and interesting lino. I think it does however belong to the world of much loved Dollhouses and I would certainly love to bring it back to life but clearly someone else has had the same idea!!

Now this next house is for sale at a fairly reasonable price and is actually an Architects model. I am not sure of the scale, but it does look like it could be 1/12th as I didn't have my tape measure. What do you think? Is this something I could work with, it seems a shame to let it go? It's hard to work out how to get access, it's possibly something that is a little beyond my experience, so I thought best to refer to the I crazy to entertain the idea????

I'd love to hear your thoughts!!

Happy minis,

Ml fi xx