Saturday, September 29, 2012


Magnolia - Magnolia Grandiflora how beautiful and perfect for Ambrosia Place and made by the exacting hand of the beautiful Ilona from mimimumloon . Many weeks ago Ilona showed us a beautiful magnolia she made. After reading my post about Ambrosia Place she was inspired to create, as soon as I saw the beautiful blooms I knew they must find their way to live in our house. Finally the Magnolia branch arrived and I have to admit to having a tear in my eye as I held it in my hand. I had a strong feeling of my Mother looking over my shoulder and admiring the careful detail that was in the delicate and striking flowers. Every detail has been carefully crafted right down to the rusty under leaf, the lichen moss and the pollen, even a slightly browned petal. This is perfection and my photographs do not do the detail justice.

Please take note of the careful detail in every petal and leaf on the back as well as the front, it doesn't matter which angle you look, it's all there, even the little buds of flowers. Ilona was so kind that she also sent to me a collection of beautiful gifts that all had the magnolia signature that is so perfect for Ambrosia place. Above you can see some tiny linen  towels and soaps and believe me there, were many more. I sadly ran out of light before I could photograph and I have been waiting for some good light but we have been pounded with the most awful weather, it wont clear for days. So I thought best to post what I have now and the rest when the light is better, I really would like to do this kindness justice.
Dear Ilona, thank you so much for your kindness, you know how much it cheered my heart. 

Thank you my dear friend. XX

Much love to you all and happy minis.

Fi xx

Foot note : I just wanted to clarify that I commissioned Ilona to make the Magnolia after she made this lovely post about being inspired by my story of  Ambrosia Place. Click here to see the post. I'm afraid I have given the impression it was a gift, the gifts are to follow.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Coming soon

Hello every one,

My goodness when I look at the date of my last post I realise just how long ago it was. It has been very hectic here for a while but I can now see light at the end of the tunnel.

I would like to welcome my new followers and I have notice I now have hit 100 so I will be preparing a give away shortly just as soon as the holidays hit next week. This weekend was the first one in a while I have had a chance to play with my miniatures. As you can see from the photo I have finally finnished my kitchen except for one little painting I would like on my shelf. I took a quick snap so you could see that after many frustrations I have completed the range hood lighting I had so much trouble with.The difficulty was working out how to get access to the bulb without effecting the out side wall. Both the flue and the hood are completely removable in case of any problems and I am so glad I have that access as just as I was about to take the photo the light went out due to a loose bulb. A quick bang on the wall fixed that......; ) but I will be able to remove the hood and tighten the bulb YAY!!

Next week should give me a bit more time to take photos of all aspects of the kitchen and some very special miniatures I received in the mail this week, I can't wait to show you.

Until then happy minis every one and apologies for not keeping up with every ones blogs I promise I will make up for it shortly.

Much Love, Fi xx