Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fun at the Fair!

Hello every one,

Yes, the 2013 Sydney Dollhouse Fair, we made the trip up to Sydney, all four of us ( although we didn't drag the boys to the Fair) and had a wonderful time seeing Sydney through tourist eyes. Both Paul and I have been many occasions on business ( Paul is there frequently) but this time we had three days seeing the sights...The Dollhouse Fair included.

I spent quite some time going from stall to stall observing all that was on offer.....perhaps something I will do less of next time considering I missed out on some rather gorgeous wall sconces......hey Emily.....; ) To my delight I had the opportunity to meet in person two fellow bloggers Margret from My Petit Parterre and Emily from Architecture of Tiny Distinction. It was wonderful to put faces to names as they say and if it weren't for the pull of pending purchases I'm sure we would have chatted for hours.

So to the purchases.....many were made I am afraid to say ( or delighted) and all with a purpose in mind. I wont list them all today, I just wanted to show you the wingback chair I bought for the Twins room. I was particularly drawn to this one because of the elegant curves of the wings and the roll of the arms, I thought the shape was soft and feminine. Initially I intended to change the fabric but it continued to grow on me....just the right blue and soft pink in the flowers and it is all so beautifully made. Now that I have the chair in place I think I will keep the floor as is, I like the dark brown with the blue.The hand crocheted blanket is made by Lynda Auld who unfortunately doesn't have a blog. I think it looks so pretty there...almost as though the Twins have had a bed time story there. I also found some wallpaper I'm happy with, the photos above are a truer colour than the one below. The little Georgian chair in the hall was just what I was looking for, it is actually a closer in colour to the table than it looks in the photo.

Well thats it for now, I would like to give a warm welcome to my new followers. I will post about my other purchases soon.

Happy minis every one!

ML Fi xx

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

To Paint or not to Paint???

Hello every one! A warm welcome to my new followers, thank you for taking the time to have a look.

To paint or not to paint...that is the question? As you can see I have almost finished the floor of the Twins room. My original idea was to to do the boards in a well warn and aged style, a floor that you might find inside a colonial style house. I have included some images from one of my Favourite Books Roots of Home by Russell Versace which has wonderful examples of American Colonial style homes. If you take note of the floors you can see the aged boards.

I have probably included too many photos but I do love this book and one day I will post more about it, but for the time being you can see the look I was going for. My first layer of stain was a darker one so it would really get into the cracks and holes, I then sanded it back very hard and put another lighter coat on, it still needs oiled and rub of Bees wax but when I placed it in the room as a trial it occurred to me maybe it was too heavy for a little girls room? As you know I plan to put a large rug down, but now I am all askew with my wall paper colour I have had a crisis of confidance. I love the look of the soft blues with the deep stain in the wood as you can see in the photo above. I'm not sure it will look feminine enough? I then though perhaps I could paint the floor  Lea Frisoni style, that would certainly lighten things up, or do I try and keep to a more authentic look of the Colonial Homes? Below are some images from Lea's book that show the two possibilities, Painted floor or natural boards.....

So please let me know your thoughts, I have to admit to being a little relaxed in the authenticity sense, ultimately looking for ambiance more than architectural accuracy. I am off to the Sydney Miniatures Fair this weekend and I am very excited.....maybe I will get some inspiration when I see just the right rug or wallpaper....until then, I hope I bump into a few of you at the fair...please let me know if you are going....and happy minis to you all!!

ML Fi xx

P.S The wall aper in the top photo is scrap booking paper I added for the colour.